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So I was at my local pawn checking things out.

They have a Model M for sale in 30-06

Blue Finish, single trigger.

The rifle seems in good condition and at a good price.

Trying to date it but I can't find info on dating it.

I have not seriously looked at the serial but it is either right around the 11000 mark or 110000, never looked close at it it.

Researching it I come across not much info on it.

Can people help me out on this?

What I have come to understand is that it is an out of the box MOA performer.

I am trying to figure where the Bolt Action fits within the Mannlicher family. Is it's design related to the Mannlicher Schoenauer action on the 1903 that is one of the best out there.

I see more forum posts related to this rifle than web page write ups about it when I do a search for Model M.

Also are there parts available for it? Can I find Magazines? Firing Pins other parts.

By piecmealing things together the Steyr Model M is a quality rifle to have, But the lack of info I find on it makes me wary on buying it.

My objective here?

I have recently embarked on expanding my gun collection to include some different than your Rem 700s. Savages, and Winchesters.

My Grandfather had a very nice collection that being the son of his only Daughter who was the youngest with thre brothers I missed out on getting any of his collection.

I am looking to make my own collection with quality and a little uniqueness to them. I am looking for the used rifles that are in the sweet spots of production, older rifles especiallyy ones before conglomerates bought out companies and changed production around cheapening the brand.

Does the Model M fit the bill?


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Patience young grasshopper.. This is a relatively small forum. People don't check it every day and you are looking for answers on specific model, which is even smaller.

Give it a few days before you throw in the towel. Wish I could help you but I am not familiar with the model.

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The Steyr Model M is the long action. S is magnum, L is short action ( .308 ), and SL was .223 size.

They came in several variations from about 1972 until the SBS in 1996. The M, S, L was more expensive to make in some ways. It is lighter than the SBS ( current action ).

It is a very fine rifle, an improvement in many ways from the older Mannlicher Schoenauer, which was also a fine rifle but a design going back to 1903. The barrels are very good, the actions slick, wonderful triggers. I have several, and have owned the older M-S style. They have all been super accurate, and not fussy about ammunition. Most of the owners know what they have, spent good money for it, and take care of them. Just check yours out for an corrosion, damaged muzzle, etc.

.30-06 is a great round for the Model M. I own one now, with set triggers, and a .270.

They came in various grades. The most common step up, before a custom rifle, was the Luxus, with nicer wood, forend cap, grip cap, etc.
You can still find magazines, and should buy one. Steyr even still sells them. The Luxus had a metal magazine. The others have a plastic rotary magazine with a clear end so you can see the rounds in it.

How much are they asking? How good a condition? Oil stock or gloss? Monte Carlo or Bavarian?

Does it have bases and rings? What kind are they?

All these factor into the price. For example, some of the bases and rings are over $400 new.
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