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Cabela's Bulk 9mm ammo...anyone use it?

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I noticed that cabelas has bulk 9mm ammo for a really decent price. Anyhone here try it in their M9?

Worth the price? Here's the link ... hasJS=true
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The price is not that great, when you add shipping it gets expensive....
try sportsmansguide.comor Natchez. Wolf works just fine for 9mm or cci aluminum.....
WARNING: Wolf ammo is notoriously dirty and has been well established to jam in 95% of steyrs.
Wolf would definately be a maybe with gas operated firearms, (except maybe ak47's), all my pistols have operated well with the Wolf, though it may be dirty, I haven't noticed it being much worse then WWB or Remmington 's (can't remember the name) yellow boxed standard ammo which I think is the dirtiest of them all. If you clean your guns after shooting them, for practice and the price its ok.....unless of course your particular Steyr hates the stuff.....

Anyone else having Wolf-Stery problems???

I've had some misfeeds and jams from my own reloads and improperly seated bullets, and frankly I'm willing to experience the incident to practice the clearing process under pressure.......
Wow. Makes me feel good about all the CCI Blazer ammo I've bought from Academy for $3.86 a box. Although for their 1 year anniversary last week, they raised the price to $4.86. Too bad they don't give you a break by the case.
the word from the dealers I've spoken to is that the chinese are buying up a lot of cooper and aluminum.......which makes sense.....but anything under 5bucks is a good price for 9m's
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