Bye bye Beretta 96FS

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    After some muzzle flip and recoil frustration with my 40 cal Beretta, I've decided to choose a 9mm. In the Beretta category lies the Brigadier 92FS....heavier slide and 9mm; on the polymer side lies the Steyr M9 or M9A1. Most of what I've read indicates that the heavier pistol = less flip and recoil, but it sounds like the Steyr is known for its ability to stay on target. Is the relationship of the bore axis to the grip the primary reason for its stability? I've shot a 9mm Glock against the Beretta 40 cal, and, although the Glock was much easier to control, I was still fighting for quick follow-up shots on target. Any comments on what I can expect with the Steyr in comparison to the Brigadier 9mm would be great. Although money is always an object, I can choose either the M9 or M9A1....this would be a delightful time to cast your vote. Thanks!!
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    Between the grip angle and the low bore axis you will not find an easier to control 9mm. The Steyr is one of those rare things where all the parts work together and creat a firearm that is much better than you can imagine. Couple the fantastic ergonomics with a reasonable cost and you can't go wrong. After nearly 90,000 rounds, I have not regretted the decision to purchase and shoot my M9.

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    Curse you, MrApathy. Just when I had the 9mm decision locked up, you may have opened up the 40 cal again ;~) I think the game plan will be to purchase the M9 from CCDN. If it's a winner, we'll move on to the M40. Any known source for recoil springs these days? Thanks!!
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    Ordered the M9 from from CDNN today. Brian was, as usual, knowledgeable and courteous. Thanks guys....reports to follow.