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Bushmaster Bullpup

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I'm looking at buying a post ban Bushmaster Bullpup. I've only read good things about it so far, does anyone have any advice.

I get the rifle, 1 10rnd clip, hard case, Red Dot Scope, and out the door at $917 after taxes. Too much?

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my buddy just bought one. price sounds pretty close. i don't know that he's shot it yet.

let us know what you think.
I think CDNN has them for $799. Don't know how much shipping and transfer fees would run you. But I advocate supporting your local gun store first.
The actual price of the one I'm buying, before scope, taxes, and whatever, is $799. So I guess the price is good.
Well, it's mine now, lock stock and barrel.... The had a hard time finding the box for the BSE Red Dot, so they sold it to me for $39.99. I bought an extra Colt used 20 rnd mag with the savings. This thing is sooo sweet, I visually checked it over, and it is definately a post ban, with the front divits for the lower reciever replaced with a locking pin. I know there isn't a hell of a lot of accys for this weapon, but I'm looking for a Picatiny add on rail that would clamp on to the front portion of it's current rail, then go forward about 4 or 5 inches and provide another rail on the bottom side to mount a laser, or any kind of Picatiny rail that can be mounted on the bottom of the fore stock. I may have to have one "made", by a competent metal worker/gunsmith.
I found a full write up for those that are interested, This thing is based on the AR-18, not the AR-15.... Woohoo, no excessive cleaning for me!

And they only noted 3 drawbacks to the weapon;
1 You can't shoot it left handed...(I'm a righty)
2 You really must use an aftermarket sight. (Got a BSE Red Dot)
3 The fore grip gets pretty hot after firing for a while. (This one is tricky, but I'm talking to a Gunsmith about drilling and installing a short Picatiny rail on the underside of the fore grip, just behind the swivel, then mounting a pistol grip type handle on the rail, I can even get one with a built in Lazer.)
Hi all, well I know that this thread is pretty much dead, but I found what I was looking for over on GlockTalk.

If you have an M17S or know someone who does, send them here;

http://www.kurtskustomfirearms.citymax. ... /42606.htm

These guys do awsome custom work.
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