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bumr i got a bad one

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ran to pick it up today also bought a tac light and two 17 round mags. went to the range and out of 150 rounds id say i quit counting at 20 extraction issues. ammo was remington 115gr fmj

i want to love this pistol........arrrrgggg
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Which model? What is the manufacture date? Look at the three uppercase letters just below the ejection chamber.
I just got one too, with the old extractor, and it ran two boxes of that same ammo fine. Is there a preferred ammo for M pistols? Or are the Steyrs kinda like 1911's where they are each a little quirky till you find what works for your individual gun?

Mine is a frankensteyr, date code SOF.
same as your m9 date code sof
Does yours have PW Arms engraved on the slide? You may have a grey market one like mine, and might need the newer model extractor from Steyr.
Generally speaking, when I joined the SteyrClub in '08 the word was don't use UMC, S&B, or Blazer aluminum. WWB was recommended, but I had an '05 with the old extractor and promptly had to do the 1911 spring fix. Later I got the new extractor and put the 1911 spring back in just for insurance.

With an '04, ask SteyrArms for a new extractor, and put the 1911 spring mod in the plunger spring for the extractor. You'll have no further problems with extraction. Then you can love the pistol.

Shooting short range targets in USPSA or IDPA is soooo easy with the weapon!
yes mine is the grey market from cabelas. can any one post info on the 1911 spring name or a diagram or link to where to buy. i will call steyr on monday for the extractor
We almost need to make the 1911 spring mod a sticky here on the website. The spring is the safety/stop plunger spring. On a 1911 the slide stop and the safety use the same spring to put pressure on the slide stop plunger and the safety plunger. It's a really nifty piece of engineering in and of itself - minimum parts count etc.

You order it from Brownells or Midway USA, it's a standard part. When you get it, cut about 3/16" off the length. When you remove the extractor, keep the plunger spring and insert the 1911 spring inside it - now that it's shortened it will fit nicely. The challenge will be replacing the extractor now that you've increased the spring rate of the plunger.

Using the Big Taco tutorial or the video posted by Talyn here on the site, a clean kitchen gallon ziploc bag, a narrow bladed screwdriver, and a lot of patience, push the plunger down in its bore using the screwdriver, insert the back end of the extractor above the screwdriver, and snap it in. Do this with your hands in the ziploc bag to keep recalcitrant springs from making a clean break for it. I didn't and periodically the cats find one and have a ball with it, till it disappears again. I think there is some kind of fourth dimension into which springs teleport...
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yes mine is the grey market from cabelas. can any one post info on the 1911 spring name or a diagram or link to where to buy. i will call steyr on monday for the extractor
Called 1911 Plunger Spring.

I got it from villagetactical dot com.

The shipping will be expensive relative to the parts price so ordering more than 1 for spare is advised.

I saw that you posted some video that teaches you how to do it.
Hiya Rico* an' protector* :)

While doin' the plunger fix, take the time to do a thorough cleanin' of the slide and the ejector channel with bore cleaner an' q-tips, then lube everything really nicely with a CLP product such as Break-Free an' wipe it back off leaving just a light coating. And, use the q-tips abundantly for cleaning and getting the ejector channel lightly lubed. I do this with every Steyr pistol I get before I actually take it to the range for the 1st time. You may be surprised at how much gunk is left in there from the factory. <shrug>

The first time ya do this its a lit'l frustrating, but you'll get progressively more adept at keeping the lit'l springs from "teleporting", as ETH* describes it. The big clear plastic bag may just save your collective as*ses! :thumbsup:

The next mod's for you guys is the striker rod smooth-over and the BT delrin cups for your striker ass'y. The trigger action will smooth out once the burrs and the striker plunger weight are dealt with and the striker spring binding is better dealt with. And, while your in there, ya might as well do the thorough cleaning an' lubin' w/ the q-tips gig.

The tutorials are in the Downloads tab, at the top of the Homepage.

Hope this helps.

G'luck an' welcome ta the Club, Bro's. :)

Wulf <-- hittin' the sack :yawn:
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I had a little different experience with my S9-A1. New it was eat up with FTE issues. I put 500 rounds through it and that issue subsided but the ejection was still weak. I put the newer extractor in WITH the 1911 spring and on ejection the spent shells would barely clear the slide when they came out. It was not what I expected. I'm thinking what I may have done was not shorting the spring enough. It was gripping the hulls so tight that it didn't want to turn them loose when the ejector hit them. Anyway, I took the extractor back out and tried shooting it with just the new extractor and plunger in it. Ejection was better and I have not had a FTE is a long time. As compared to my Glock, the chamber is snug on my S9-A1. I think it just needed some breaking in. As far as ammo, I think my Steyr would eject better with heaver(124gr,147gr) ammo but it just isn't to be found now. It's hard enough to find 115WWB or Federal as it is. I also think hotter ammo than what is commonly found in the WWB would function better in my Steyr but have not found any so that's just a guess. Any of you guys run stouter loads in your Steyrs with good success?
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Just went for my second round at the range today. After a flawless 115 shots my first time with my new S9-A1 (using very dirty shot 147g Federal UMC leadless) , I pushed my luck with a bullet nearly every Steyr owner said NOT to shoot. Blazer Brass. I think these were 115g. I had 3 failure to extracts within the first 25 rounds. After that I had one more about 10 rounds after. I had changed my grip, so I'm not ruling that out on the last fte.

The rest of the shoot was great. The trigger is awesome, and I am gaining in accuracy.

I am going back to a heavier round, and I realize it's early in the break in period, so I am gonna be patient.

Overall, I'm in love.
called today very very problematic getting someone to answer phone. no call back after 2 calls. sent email got response can send extractor but out of springs and rods. i hope just the extractor will fix it. i still have no confirmation that its going to be mailed.

disappointed in everyway
Same luck here....left voicemail at Steyr and also sent follow up email, no response to either one :(
Guys, ALL gunmakers are swampped because of the crisis. You'll find Jeff's phone# in several sticky threads here. You will have to call. E-mails are low priority to every company right now. If you'll be patient, shoot the snot out of the guns, and get the updated extractor you'll love your Steyr. I own several different compact handguns and if you follow the forums for each you'll find all of them have issues that have to be ironed out.
WayneJessie speaks truth. I also own a Sig and I carry everyday and LCP. Have a look at ttheir forums! There's advice on 1911 parts and springs of all types there. I'm going to add another 300 or so rounds to the 215 I have already put on it before I do anything to my gun.
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