Bullet Weight vs. Muzzle Velocity

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    What is everyone's preference for carry ammo - should it be as heavy as possible or as hot as possible or a happy medium? I am carrying 155gr Hydrashok or Speer Gold Dot 155Gr .40 S&W. I know some that will not carry anything less than 180gr for this caliber. What do you guys think?
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    For CCW I have 155gr. JHP, for target I've been shooting 180gr. FMJ. I like the 155gr. ballistics, the 180gr is cheaper.

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    I doubt if a bad guy would be able to tell the difference between a good hit from either. ;)

    I'm currently carrying Winchester Ranger 155 JHPs, but would be comfortable with any reliable expanding bullet. If I change, I'll go heavier, but that's so that the gun will hit closer to point of aim.
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    my gun won't group 180's. i stick to 165.
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    Well...with the lower grain bullets with higher velocity...you run into over expansion...and under penetration...jacket seperation if not bonded...etc... Whereas the heavier bullets will have more inertial energy behind them to get proper penetration. You just need to go with a well designed self defense bullet...gold dots...federal HST...ranger talons...etc. The 180gr and 165gr loads are good for .40...
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    But a BG's windshield or other cover might.

    I know a lot of folks don't put a lot of stock in penetration through barriers and I completely understand. Being involved in a shooting is such a remote possibility that it may seem silly to carry a round to perform best in an even more unlikely circumstance. If you are one of those, 155 and up will surely be a good pick. If you like knowing that your bullet will have a decent chance making it through a windshield, etc. with little deflection and keeping it in one piece, I would go with 180.

    Personally, I carry Winchester Ranger 180gr. RA40T's in .40.
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    I was a die-hard a 165gr carrier until recently. I recently found out that I group better with 180gr bullets.

    After doing some internet research and reading the FBI reports and Fackler's work with the IWBA (International Wound Ballastics Association) I am going to stick with it. Speer's GoldDot seem to be a good choice cost-wise and they are a bonded bullet.

    If you are curious there is a lot of good info on firearmstactical.com.

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    Heavy for me. Win Ranger T or Speer Gold Dot 147 gr. 9mm