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bullet testing

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I just got in a supply of bullets

I am really starting to like Remington bullets

I just loaded up

Remington 124gr JHP Vv N340 6.1gr 1.150" OAL +p load
Remington 124gr GSHP Vv N340 6.1gr 1.150" OAL +p load
Remington 147gr JHP Alnt PowerPistol 5.7gr 1.150" OAL saami
Remington 147gr GSHP Alnt PowerPistol 5.7gr 1.150" OAL saami
Hornady 124gr XTP Vv N340 6.1gr 1.125" OAL +p
Hornady 147gr XTP Alnt PowerPistol 5.7gr 1.120" OAL saami

Hornady 180gr XTP Hodgdon Longshot 8.0gr 1.125" OAL saami
Remington 180gr JHP Longshot 8.0gr 1.125" OAL saami
Remington 180gr GSHP Longshot 8.0gr 1.125" OAL saami
Speer 165gr GDHP Longshot 8.2gr 1.125" OAL saami
Speer 180gr GDHP Longshot 8.0gr 1.125" OAL saami

all were shot into milk jugs with water using a large book backstop and carboard/magazine stop underneath the milkjug everything embedded into the backstop except the Remington 180gr JHP which bounced off the book

all milk jugs shot with 40sw exploded 2 flew away 1foot away 3of them flew 2-3 feet away.
40sw results

Core= widest expansion of lead Core
Bullet-Name-Type-Weight--Retained Wght--Expansion
Remington JHP 180gr--168.7gr--.860" Core
Remington GSHP 180gr--176.8gr--.809" Core
Speer GDHP 165gr--163.7gr--.641" Core
Speer GDHP 180gr--163gr--.805" Core
Hornady XTP 180gr--145.7gr--.749" Core

the Hornady and Speer 180gr bullets lost some lead or a partition

9mm results

Core= widest expansion of Core
Jacket= widest expansion of Jacket
Bullet-Name-Type-Weight--Retained Wght--Expansion
Remington JHP 124gr--115gr--.602"Core/.869" Jacket
Remington GSHP 124gr--123.6gr--.563"Core/.713"
Remington JHP 147gr--143.1gr--.582" Core/.614" Jacket
Remington GSHP 147gr--145.8--.645" Core/.796 Jacket
Hornady XTP 124gr--118.4gr--.707" Core/.733 Jacket
Hornady XTP 147gr--146.4gr--.592" Core

didnt measure penetration. only used 1 jug per cartridge
had to dig the bullets out of a thick paperbook backstop.

penetration for everything was pretty much 6" except the remington 180gr JHP 40sw that expanded the most. it bounced off the book

no data good for penetration on other targets.

kept the book in plastic bag to try and keep it dry despite the plastic bag front section eventually got soaked.

the jugs didnt move much with 9mm sometimes they would knockover. none of the milkjugs came out in any kinda of reuseable shape. specially the one shot with the 165gr Speer GDHP with 8.2gr of Longshot. that jug blew in half with the top portion completely flying off didnt find it took the threaded plastic with the cap.

!!--!!all loads mentioned are loads to not jump into they are either maximum loads or exceed maximum load data values in charge weight and pressure. I took caution and care in working up all loads. steyrclub nor I are responsible should you lack caution or care in working up your own loads. !!--!!

M40 handles fullhouse 40sw recoil very well. other lightweight polymer guns will jump and buck may even break.

not a single issue with FTE I had to shoot through netting to keep the brass from ejecting to god knows where. notice I am missing the brass for the 147gr Remington JHP yeah didnt use netting that day.
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how was the penetration on the different weight bullets???? Did the heavier ones go through more jugs???? (180's 40 did)...How far from the jugs were you standing?? The 40's sound pretty impressive, but ya don't say much jug jumpin from the 9's.............?
yeah that 147gr GoldenSaber came out nasty. those partitions are sharp too.

I am starting to like Remington bullets but theyre loaded ammo leaves something to be desired price and quality wise.
Nice work Mr. A .................... :!:
A big thank-you from me as well, Mr.A, for sharing these interesting results with us.

Indeed, those fired Remingtons (both the 9’s and the 40’s) came out looking pretty impressive. I’d never even considered trying out Remington ammunition (right now, I’m carrying .40 Gold Dots in my M40) but after viewing these expansion results, I might have to change my preferred brand.

Great pics, Thanks for sharing. I did get to shoot a box of 9mm Rem 147gr GS BJHP and it shot well. Accurate, low flash/flip. I liked the accuracy for the PF. The range did not have the Rem 124gr GSJHP.
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