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Put 150 rounds of Federal Premium Tactical 165gr and Winchester ball ammo through it today.

Flawless. Pointed perfect, did everything perfect, accurate as hell.

Very pleased with this purchase.

Now the fun part is that I went to my friend's property to shoot all afternoon. We had assault rifles, bult-action, lever-action, shotguns, revolvers and several pistols.

My friend's wife, who is this pretty little thing that is 45 years old and looks 30, ripped and fit as can be and all of 115 pounds at 5'5", decides that she wants to learn to shoot. So I bring my Sig Mosquito along on .22LR, figuring that would be ideal for her.

She puts a few mags downrange and asks what else I have. I pull out the M40-A1, a Sig GSR Revolution(1911), an 8.5" ported Taurus M44 in .44 Mag and a Taurus 85 Ultra-Lite in .38 Special. She runs ammo through all of them, a bit apprehensive at first but really getting into it by the end. She then goes on to shotguns and rifles, and keeps coming back to the handguns for more.

The one she kept going to? M40-A1. She loved it, and she is trying to talk her husband into buying her one. I mean, she was all over the thing and very excited. She thought the other guns were ok, but the Steyr just "felt right" and "was the most fun to shoot".

Never shot a gun before, and she walked away wanting two guns and trying to decide which one to buy first, the M40-A1, or the Smith&Wesson M&P15 that I brought.

So I think that I had both a succesful break-in session and an unintentional Steyr covert at the same time. :)

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Which one is more accurate and consistent, the Federal premium 165 gr. or the Winchester ball (what weight ?). How accurate was it ? (can you describe in inches ?) Did you fire any ammo other than this 2 ? The Fed premium is expensive isn't it ? I fired Winchester 180gr. jacketed hp and accuracy at 25 yrds. is mediocre bordering on poor. I would like to give my m40-a1 a chance for me to find a good ammo that I can accumulate extensive test firing sample so that I could make a good judgment of it's accuracy potential. right now, I'm thinking of match barrel replacement but it's too early to tell and besides there are no local barrel maker's manufacturing it at this time (not that I know of).

Is there anybody else who had experience with good ammo shooting their M40-a1 ?

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