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Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by Netfotoj, May 19, 2007.

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    Learned one thing for sure about my Kel-Tec P-11. She just plain hates S&W magazines, or more in particular, the two S&W magazines I tried to feed her.

    I put another 100-125 rds. of fmjs and hps through her today and all I got for my trouble is a busted thumb knuckle and a tired left trigger finger. I learned last Saturday that she didn't feed well with anything but her factory 10-rd. Mec-Gar magazine while feeding the problem child about 50 fmjs and hps. All I learned this Saturday is that she still doesn't feed well with anything but her factory mag. I'm slow, but I ain't stupid.

    So I've got a pocket pistol that won't handle any mag but her own particular 10-rounder. Big whoop. I'll buy her another 10-round Mec-Gar and call it a day. She'll never be more than a "church gun" or a backup, so she doesn't need any "hi-cap" magazines anyway.

    P-11s supposedly will use any S&W magazines or a certain series or two but this one don't. She don't like the 12-round that came with my S&W 669 or the 15-round S&W I bought at the gun show that was specifically marked for the P-11 with a modified base plate added. The 12-round misfed some of the time and the 15-round misfed virtually all of the time, creating the most god-awful mess I ever saw with rounds jammed vertical in the mag!

    And the 15-round Mec-Gar magazine I bought at the gun show as a backup for my S&W 669 won't lock in at all in the P-11, though she locks in and shoots fine in my 669. So the P-11 likes her Mec-Gar but not other Mec-Gars for the same S&W series she's supposed to like? What's up with that?

    So I reloaded the 10-rd. Mec-Gar mag again and again and again and she just kept on chugging without a miss until my poor left trigger finger was wore out fighting that 40-lb. trigger pull. (The serial no. says my P-11 has the newer 8.5-lb. trigger pull instead of the older 10.5-lb. trigger, but it sure don't feel that way.)

    Is there a trigger doctor in the house!!??????????

    I got so tired of fighting that trigger, I finally shifted to the right hand and that was a big mistake. Second round from the right side I got careless with my left thumb wrapped around and that little sucker bit the hell out of me! Skint the top of the knuckle joint so bad I had to stop shooting and triple-band-aid up to get the bleeding stopped. Bled like a stuck hawg for 10 minutes before I could get it staunched.

    Ticked me off so bad I came very, very close to teaching my 10-year-old grandson some new vocabulary words.

    So now I got two spare magazines for my S&W 669 and none for my P-11. No problemo 'cause I'm for sure going to be shooting that sweet little 669 about a zillion times more than I will be banging with the P-11. If ever there's been a "shoot a little, carry a lot" pistol, this is for sure one.

    With 150-175 rds. of fmjs and hps fed through her, I officially declare her broke in. Back in the pocket she goes and she probably won't come out again until the SHTF!

    Now I gotta find a better carry rig. My Uncle Mike's pocket holster is OK, but the P-11 makes a quite noticeable bulge in my left pocket. Every lady I meet thinks I'm glad to see her!

    Gotta get me some Thunderwear (but then the ladies will be sure I'm glad to see 'em!) or some sort of IWB rig or an ankle holster. :mrgreen:
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    Here you go, Netfotoj: ... 1155751568

    Just keep following the thread as it wanders all over the place, but it is worth the chase! Quite an ingenious mod to drop the trigger pull down to 3.5-4 pounds. If you keep lookin' you'll see that 2PP also sells the mod kits for $15 + SH. Looks simple and effective.


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    Holy Moses, Doc! Simple? As the Quakers say, better thee than me!

    That trigger mod scared the bejeezus out of this klutz! I get intimidated with a wrench and a pair of pliers and this calls for me to fashion something out of a piece of iron? I'd be as likely to make a rocket to the moon.

    And if I did make it, I sure wouldn't climb aboard and call for liftoff!

    I gotta find me a trigger doctor, simple as that. Know any good ones, anybody?

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    3.5 lb. home brew trigger + Thunderwear = ? :shock:
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    My sentiments exactly, selfdefense. I not only wouldn't climb aboard a rocket to the moon that I had built, I for sure am not stuffing a pistol in my pants that I have modified. :shock: I need detailed instructions to change a lightbulb and sometimes, I screw that up!

    Some of the most feared words in the English language for this mechanical klutz are "Some Assembly Required." (Right after, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help.")

    But I did find some sort-of good news from the Trigger Doc at KTOG, 2 Pistol Packer. He has also developed a new lighter hammer spring, LHS, that's 6 lbs. and a new inertial firing pin spring, IFP spring. Bad news is there's considerable work to do both before installation and for installation of both, requiring tools I don't have, not to mention not having expertise to use. So I'm sorta-kinda halfway home. I can get the parts. Now I gotta find a competent gunsmith who can and will do the work for both the LHS and the IFP spring. The LHS can only be safely installed on guns that already have the IFP Mod and the IFP spring installed first.

    Then and only then will I put a modified gun in my britches. What I really wish is that the Kel Tec guys had a Steyr engineer on staff that could show them how a good double-action-only trigger is supposed to work. I can shoot my M357-A1 all day long with its stock 5-lb. trigger. But that supposed 8.5-lb trigger on my P-11 feels like they forgot to put in the decimal point when they installed mine. Feels like you're trying to lift a 500-lb. gorilla!

    That mealy-mouth excuse that it needs such a heavy trigger because it has no safety just don't float. My MA1 has no safety and I feel safe as a baby carrying her with one in the pipe. Ditto for my G29 and she's got a customized trigger that's only 2.5 lbs. Of course, the P-11 costs a heck of a lot less than either. YGWYPF. (I don't know if that's an official Internet acronym, but if it isn't I just invented it: You Get What You Pay For.)

    There's a thought. What I need is a dictionary of Net Acronyms. Does such a thing exist? Syntax and some of the younger guys on the site use collections of letters that I have no earthy idea what they mean. Of course, it took me a while to figure out BTW and OMG. I'm older than dirt and this new Internet language is still GTM (Greek To Me).

    Doc, thanks for the heads-up that got me started down the trail. I'll let y'all know how the journey turns out. :mrgreen:
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    it's funny you say both of those things foto.

    i'm still not sure what ymmw means.

    and as far as home brew in the pants. over the years i've learned that just because someone is "certified" or has the little piece of paper on the wall doesn't mean that they are infallible.

    pepboys has ase certified techs, but i wouldn't let one of them touch my vehicle.

    but i know two kids that work at gas stations that are 100% top notch.

    as an aside, if i built an airplane, i would absolutely fly in it. just not sure about the landing :lol:
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    YMMV = your mileage may vary, i.e. what works for me may not work for you

    The pocket holsters with a flap are very good at looking like nothing in slacks pockets, and are fast in most slacks. I use this type for my Kahr pcoket gun: ... lster.html

    Also, here is something I'm likely getting for my Steyr:
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    Net and BT ... I found this and it really helps us "older" folks :lol:
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