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Just joined the site- purchased a new Prohunter Synthetic Stainless in 7mm Rem Mag. Need advice on barrel break-in procedure, and where to get a bore guide to fit this model. The net is full of often-conflicting advice on this, so I would appreciate hearing about methods that work on Steyr barrels. I want to get this rifle humming before next deer season. We get to shoot a lot in Alabama, and I like to make every shot count.
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Welcome, alagator!

I only have a CZ long gun but hope you like the Pro.

Good hunting!
well i have a prohunter too and ive been using the method i got out of the military sniper hand book and it said for the first 10 rounds clean it after every shot and then every 10 rounds till you get to 100. im only at shot six and it has become much less fouled and eaiser to clean. my brother has a .50bmg with a lothar walter barrel and it said to break in the barrel using the same process
Thanks, Clodtruck. Let me know what kind of accuracy you get. I have been advised that Prohunters do well. I am an amateur at this, and will try to find a factory load for hunting whitetails out to 300 yards. What caliber is your Prohunter?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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