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Hey all, I had the same problem most of you do with my L9-A1, even after 500 rounds of a variety of bullet weights. True, it likes the hotter stuff but I bought it for plinking. Thus, I made a steel guide rod and used a variable 14 lb 1911 spring (NOT the plunger spring which I tried first and absolutely does NOT work). Sure as the pope defecates in the woods, it started to consistently eject brass in the 3-4 o'clock direction. The factory spring is too heavy for typical yankee loads and thus the flacid ejection pattern. I suspect this is due to 9mm chamber c.i.p pressure testing standards being 10,000 psi higher than SAAMI (implying that, on average, they rock hotter ammo across the pond). All I had were the variable type but you should be able to tune it to your loads with something in the 14lb weight range.
All the best
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