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bumped into good article at

BRASS is an acronym

Breath Relax Aim Slack Squeeze

I havent given Bullseye shooting a chance yet.
dont shoot Bullseye myself but want to give it a try
most bullseye shooters I have seen focus on slow fire and discipline.

USAMU Pistol Guide and Zen in the Art of Shooting
they also have the wheel of misfortune.

but I would like to add the wheel is not always accurate nor fixes for your shooting mistakes easily mentioned.

if you shoot low with a long heavy trigger check for flinch otherwise work on pulling trigger better. smooth consistent pull all the way back to frame.

can hear people recommend dry firing but rarely do you get further tips to improve.

use a dummy round placed randomly in the magazine to see if you might be flinching. do it repeatedly to work issues out.


another website added
specificly the printable targets with the wheel of misfortune

then a article which has helped me alot with trigger pull
How to Shoot a Double Action Trigger by Mark E Freburg

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Hi, everyone,

These are great links. I definitely had a downward flinch for a while. I read about having a buddy load either a live or dummy round without telling you to prove the flinch, but I don't have a shooting buddy. This is where my Ruger Blackhawk was just the thing to diagnose my flinch. I would load a single live round, and give the cylinder a good spin. Stepping through the cylinder, I could clearly see my flinch. In the end the best advice for curing, or minimizing, my flinch was to not anticipate the trigger break. Just squeeze slow and smooth. It'll break when it breaks. Later,

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MrApathy....Thank you very much for those links.....I almost always shoot by myself and have not been able to diagnose my ills and ailments. I'm sure these will be excellent tools....especially the "wheel." 8-O I didn't know there was anything like that :!: I'll print a copy for the range..Thanks again :D :!:
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