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    Hi Everyone,

    I just placed my order for a M9A1 today through CDNN after researching Steyr for awhile! This will be my first gun purchase although I have recently been given a .22 rifle. I'm looking forward to getting the gun on Monday and I hate having to wait so long (ok, maybe it isn't that long but still!). I looked through the maintence pdf and it looks simple enough to complete. Should I do all of that stuff prior to taking it out to the range or can I just start shooting out of the box and clean after running some rounds through it? I'm fairly new to this whole gun thing but I look forward to learning! Thanks!

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    I would strip her down and clean her up :mrgreen:

    The mags too. All that crap they put on them to ship will (may) cause problems.

    All the info is on the home page.

    I would use the gallon ziplock bag the springs will fly. I have spent much time looking for all my parts :wall: :wall: