Brand new M40-A1 malfunctioned

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  1. razorback

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    Just recieved my brand new m40-a1 and took it to the range put about 200 rounds through it. What a nightmare, where do I start well 1st you can't cock and load the first round because the slide snags on the shell casing of the bullet in the clip, 2nd after discharging it the slide doesn't fully slide back in place so you have to nudge it to shoot it again, 3rd it doesnt extract everytime, 4th the hammer at times hits so off center it's ridiculous. I've sent it back to STEYR for them to fix it, hoping i'll get a new slide all together. How mad would you be if this happened to you? :evil:
  2. babj615

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    where do I start?

    'Clip'??? Oh, Magazine... I haven't seen this happen yet, so without being there to witness, well... Maybe someone else on the forum has had this problem???

    Interesting... Of my 6 [and counting] Steyr Pistols, I havent had a single failure to go back into battery...

    Did you FIRST disassemble the firearm after initial possession? Inspect it? Clean it? Lube it?

    Well, this is certainly a common[ish] complaint... but seems most that have this issue are using poor quality ammunition... What ammunition were you using anyway? I didn't see where you said what ammo you used...

    Sure were talking about the same weapon? Steyrs don't have hammers....

    If it is he striker you refer to, well, how far off center?

    are you SURE the barrel is in full LOCK with the slide when you fire?

    I would really like to see what your using... Photo's???

    Maybe Big Taco can shed some light here???

  3. madecov

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    Did you clean and lubricate the weapon?
    Steyr inventory has been sitting in a warehouse and the ones I've seen have manufacturing lubricants that are like molasses.

    What ammo were you using? M40A1 pistols are not real fond of Remington UMC or the Eastern European steel case stuff.

    Was the off center strike actually on the primer, or was it the LCI indentation?

    In any event SAI will get you up and running in a reasonable time.
  4. Wulf

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    Dayam Razor* :shock:

    Sounds like ya gotta real POS one. I'll send ya $250 for it. :twisted: But, don't touch it from now on 'cept with rubber gloves. :shock: It may blow up and never get ta me for me to clean and lube. Let me know where ta send the money order. Thanx in advance. :twisted:

    Wulf <-- only tryin' ta help :twisted:
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    Less than 24 hours of being a club member and between this post and last nights IRC session I know who the "Avid" collector is.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Sorry to hear that. While a detailed cleaning may have helped matters, there were so many things going wrong with that one I think you did the right thing in sending it back. Let us know how it turns out?
  7. Dobry

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    Sounds like good advice to send it back and get it checked. My own experiences, from a Steyr newb, FWIW...

    I'm definitely a Steyr newbie (only over 2 months now), but I had problems with my new M9-A1 until I followed the advice of fellow Steyroids here.

    1. Field stripping and THOROUGH cleaning, and I mean thorough, ala DAIAdvisor and others! This was probably the most important factor. This includes cleaning the firing pin and firing pin channel, and NOT over-lubricating... this was straight from Syntax and Big Taco, and made the single most noticeable difference. HUGE difference.

    2. Good quality ammo. I switched over to 115 g Winchester after the first 50 rounds.

    3. Good break-in. After hitting 150-200 rounds I haven't had a single problem. Not one. Flawless.

    4. The new guide-rod from Big Taco also made a huge difference for me in accuracy and smoothness.

    5. I'm certain I was limp-wristing it sometimes till I began to get comfortable with it.

    Just .02 cents from a new Steyroid.
  8. babj615

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    Excellent advice, Dobry!!!!

    :wink: :wink:
  9. MrApathy

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    some tight steyrs will do that when new dont hear anywhere as many reports of that these days.

    cleaning and using the pistol helps. newer guns seem to break in easier but older ones needed 500 and some needed more or sending in for some work though most needed 500 rounds. springs were bit on excessive side.

    clean the magazines keep in mind some mags may need breaking in. my first steyr and mags gave me some issues with more than 8 rnds in 10 rounders that was back during the AWB.

    check the brass for dings they can give clues. check the feedramp should be like polished glass smooth and shiny.
    check chamber.
  10. razorback

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    thanks for all the help wil keep you guys up to date on what the armory dept. of Steyr does to the pistol.
  11. spitfire

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    anyone ever have the slide slam shut without touching the slide release, just after slapping a mag in the gun? mine did that a few times today i only have about 150 rounds through the gun so far, and also it failed to feed a few times the gun was cleaned and lubed before i shot it and i also cleaned the extracter
  12. babj615

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    Absolutely, Positively, Irrefutably, Completely: NORMAL
  13. Big Rick

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    +1...some consider it a feature...
  14. Keltyke

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    After a thorough cleaning and greasing, and about 100 manual cycles, all 8 of my Steyrs (some new, some used) performed flawlessly.

    My 9mms don't like CCI Blazer aluminum case ammo.
  15. usdm419

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    Just throwing out my first experience at the range with my new M9A1. I put the first 300 through her yesterday.'s going to take a little more time to get the sights down. I was shooting super low, and fairly inaccurate. Then again it was my first trip to the range with this particular pistol, and my first trip to any range in about 6 months.

    #2...I also experienced a few FTE's and one stovepipe. I found later that it was due to crappy reload ammo. Contrary to what was posted earlier, it ate all my UMC ammo like butter.

    #3...My slide also slams shut just slapping a new mag in, but I like that!
  16. Syntax360

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    1) Like you said, that's going to happen with new guns - should clear up after you get some more practice.

    2) If it's new, it almost certainly has the old extractor. I would contact SAI, tell them you were having malfunctions, and install the new extractor and try again.

    3) Most guns (in general) do that.