Bought a Springfielf XD today

Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by Guest, Apr 14, 2005.

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    my local FFL while he was doing the transfer on my S-9 started tempting me. He offered me a XD Sub compact for dealer cost because he ordered it for a guy who backed out and stuck him with it.

    Got it for $385 + tax which was exact 3 cents over dealer cost. I wasn't really planning to buy one just yet but I did want one so I stretched the budget and bought it. I think one of the first things I'm gonna do is send it to tripp research for hard chroming since the blueing on the Xd's is suspect.

    Heck of a deal for the little bugger. Got a few peirce grip extensions thrown in for it since my pinky just barely fits on the gun.

    It's got a really nice trigger pull can't wait to get it to the range. Next thursday or friday I'll probably take it and my S-9 to the range with about 400 rounds of ammo for some serious break in fun.

    Best thing is if I get that XML light that SA make it'll fit on both my XD AND on the PT-145!

    gun collection just keeps growing it's like a disease.
    OOHHH and I'm ordering my M-9 next week and my SIG GSR should be here 4rd week of May. Life is good!
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    so you went w/ the sig 1911 then? let us know how she shoots too (of course your gonna let us know on the steyrs).

    Are those the grip extensions ment to be used on fullsize XD mags being used on the compact? If so I'd love to know if they look like they can be adapted to fit on steyr mags for shooting my s9 w/ m9 mags.

    I envy you your gun budget, my want list is growing faster than my collection (only 3 guns counting the one i bought for the wife, but I've been at it less than a year).

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    Normally my gun budget wouldn't be as big. But may is a good month for me and I just kinda got lucky in budgeting this month.

    I'm just using peirce pinky extensions on the XD.

    My S9 is just long enough that my pinky doesn't overhang though about 3mm shorter and it would.

    I only started in november myself.
    Yeah I've decided on the SIG 1911 simply because it's a limited edition and I need to buy one while I can. I can always buy the Springfield 1911 over the summer or anytime after that since it's not a limited edition(hey can't hurt to have 2 1911's right?)

    Honestly after I pickip the M-9 and thesig GSR the only thing left on the list is a Kel-tec eithet P3AT or P32. once I've got those my gun buying will slow down drastically. Though I'll be saving for a Bushy since I plan my birthday present(august) to be a M4A3 carbine. but there aren't really any more must have pistols on my list.

    Even my would like to have list has gotten very short consisting only of a Ruger KP345DPR and a FN compact 9 and a taurus revolver. but I'm not in a hurry with those. once I buy the GSR my budget is going to shift to stocking up on more mags and spending money at I'd like to keep 1-2k worth of rounds in each of the 3 calibers I own in the hosue all of which is pretty reasonable.
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  5. I have also held in my hand a sub compact XD and think that it would make the ideal CCW pistol for summer carry.

    I was not aware that the finish of them was subpar though so thanks for the information. I'll probably pick on up in the next few months in .40 caliber.
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    I have an XD9 sub and it's a great CCW. I carry it in a Milt Sparks Versamax 2 IWB and barely know it's there.