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Bob-tail Steyr?

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I know this might be heresy but has any tried to Bob-tail their M9? 8-O You could cut the frame just aft of the magazine and put a nice tail on it. The only problem would be filling the gap left behind so as not to leave any sharp edges that might cut the palm of your hand with as the gun recoils. Any thoughts? If nothing else it would be useful for a "You might be a ******* if your Steyr looks like this" joke :lol: .
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i'm not sure exactly where you're talking about cutting the grip. i believe you're talking about cutting the "beavertail" off starting right above the web of the grip. if that's the case... i just don't think it would work.

the sub-frame notches into two little squares at the rear of the plastic frame. if these notches are removed, the subframe will only be held in place by the takedown lever. upon firing the subframe would wiggle all over the place resulting in poor accuracy right up until the plastic frame cracked.

i don't mean to be a parade rainer on-er!!!

i'm thinking hard here because it would be neat to mess around with something like that. i know of people who have filled in the web so that the back strap was smooth and know people who have removed a little material where the "humps" are that seem to eat your hand til you get some callouses.
I was thinking of sometning along the lines of this ... obtail.jpg . Its commonly done on 1911's to help concealability.
I think youre referring to Ed Brown's bobtail 1911 could do something like that....I'm not sure how good it would be. Someone with small hands might appreciate it....filling, filing, and sanding the back of the mag well where the plug goes would not be difficult though.....
oh, yeah.

you could probably pull that off. you could start with a bandsaw, then file it. might be neat.
send us some pix... :wink:

... would not actually recommend that! :wink:
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