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I just got in my new holster (Corporal Punishment) for my M40-A1 today
from Blue Line Leather. The pistol is a snug fit out of the
box and snaps secure for basic level 1 retention. The all leather
paddleback makes it a more comfortable ride on your hip than the molded
plastic seen on most commercial offerings. Drawing the pistol from the
holster is smooth and effortless. I can't say that for the other
non-lined leather holsters I've used. I don't think this one will
require a long break-in period. The quality and craftsmanship that went
into building this holster really stands out. The Steyr feels alot
lighter on my side than my department issued Glock 30 and I am looking
forward to changing out this week during in-service. It took 5 weeks to
arrive and cost a total of 49.50 including shipping. I am very pleased
with my purchase from Blue Line Leather so far.

Sorry for the super giant images........


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Frame question

M40-A1 is on the ejection port side......
Steyr Mannlicher Austria is on the other side.......

As for problem tracking.....Pistol #52390
Out of the box, No FTF or FTE after 500 rounds.
It eats cheap ammo by the box (Wolf, American and Independence)
I've used the 2 factory mags, 2 old style (leo restricted) mags from CDNN and 4 new mags from OnPoint with no issues.
The feed ramp on this gun is so polished from the factory, it would probably cycle empty brass.

Zero issues = :) Steyr owner
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