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Blue Line Leather

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Almost 8 weeks and I'm still waiting on my holster, I sure hope its worth the wait. I will let everyone know when it arrives.
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Sorry to hear it's taking so long. I got a Fist IWB kydex holster, 2 weeks from the phone order to delivery to the house.
My Blue line took about 5 weeks.
I'm wating for a BLL holster as well, been about 5 weeks since I placed the order... :?
2 months today, I'm going to e-mail them AGAIN tomorrow and find out WHEN I just might expect the holster.
Got mine yesterday :) I don't have a digital camera so no pics sorry guys.

I like it; it's little tight fitting but it's still new, in couple places it could've been more refined but for the price I'm happy with it.

btw took exactly 8 weeks...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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