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Discussion in 'Holsters' started by Guest, Aug 6, 2006.

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    I placed an order with blade tech about 3 months ago now, was not charged and it was on backorder. Have sent about 4 emails over that time requesting an update and have never received a response.

    not impressed by the customer service so far. :x

    Is this unusual for them?
  2. Shooter

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    I think their customer service sucks......I called because I recieved a belt loop I felt was screwed up.....Now this piece probably costs 5cents.....They actually sent a FedX person to pick it up before they would send me a new one........FedX 8-O I'm trying to take advantage of them.
    .............forget have to call and talk to someone and they will do you better...............

  3. Syntax360

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    I also had a similar bad experiece - they my belt loop wouldn't work at all if I tried to use the second setting of no cant - the holes didn't line up. They wanted me to send the holster back and told me they weren't sure how long it would take - needless to say I wasn't exactly filled with confidence at that remark. The rep said he could send me a new loop, but it wouldn't have holes drilled in it - I would have to do it myself. I told him that would be fine and when I received the clip, there were holes in it and they definitely weren't close to working. In my opinion, Blade-Tech customer service is bottom of the barrel and their quality isn't astounding. The holster itself is alright, but no Comp-Tac.

    I would definitely be bugging them daily to see what was up.
  4. DocChronos

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    Blade Tech customer support--or lack thereof

    I live in the city where Blade Tech is located. My experience with them has been less than positive. I was left with the impression they don't really care whether they sell anything to me or not. In that case, I don't really care whether I buy anything from them or not.

    In their defense, they are located next to Ft. Lewis and McChord AFB, which are primary suppliers of GIs bound for Iraq & Afghanistan. Their military and LE market has about maxxed out their production. They are in the process of expanding their factory to increase production, but it will be awhile before they are able to meet demand.

    I think they are good guys, but after my last encounter with them, I won't try again.

  5. madecov

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    These reports have been popping up on various gun boards for a while now.
    Seems to be the status quo for them.
  6. kcevans

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    The same LOOOOOONNNNNNG delay from Blue Line Leather, mine has been ordered for 2 months and still no holster.
  7. MrApathy

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    could write off Bladetech and try GrandFather Oak
  8. Shooter

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    I ordered a holster for my brother's Steyr and its been so long I forgot who I ordered it from.......... :lol: Probably Blue Line...... :lol: