Blade-Tech Eclipse for M9-A1

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by KYT, May 9, 2013.

  1. KYT

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    Finally got my Eclipse holster for my M9-A1 yesterday.
    I was initially disappointed with it, I thought I wanted to wear it at 3:00. That's where I would wear my nylon holster.
    The body side of it kinda poked into my hip meat, and the loop position made my belt stick out. (my waist is 32-34-ish)
    I moved it back a bit, and discovered it seemed to melt right into me about 4:00-4:30.
    What I thought I wanted was wrong lol I suppose Blade-Tech knew this.
    I seem to have a squishy space right between the hip bones there; it fits perfectly.
    I wore it all evening. No problems driving my car (2013 CR-V).
    The little piece of kydex that protects me from the back of the slide is rounded smooth, and isn't any bigger than it needs to be. It doesn't jab me in the side at all. Though the 40 degree lateral curve in my lumbar towards the left probably helps with this some :p

    Despite the production times, I'd definitely recommend Blade-Tech.
    Tessa, through the forum's IM, and Tara at customer service were responsive, and helped make sure I had this in time for my class this Saturday.
    It was a level of service I've not experienced from any other manufacturer.

    Thanks a lot Tessa and Tara! :thumbsup:
  2. Syntax360

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    Nice! I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say pictures would make this thread 1000x better... :lol:

    It's always good to hear about a vendor taking active interest in a customer and going out of their way to make things happen. I do wish Blade-Tech would expand more of their product line to Steyr pistols. I wasn't aware that they were making the Eclipse for Steyr pistols - updates on things like that are always appreciated.

  3. Earthmuffin

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    As a new owner of a C9 I was looking for a holster and this site provided a few options including Blade Tech. After a thorough review of their site I contacted them with my endless questions.

    The gentleman that helped me was extroadinary. We worked on both the Steyr and Springfield XD for various type holsters and attachments. I purchased two holsters, XD set up for attached light,and an additional Molle set up as well. All the items are clearly quality units, interchange easily and give me the level of security when out and about that they will stay where they belong regardless of my activity.

    The Molle setup is on an angle as noted by another member. At first I was questioning this but found it to be a comfortable setup especially with all the other stuff on the belt. Overall I can only say good things about Blade Tech and thank the " forum" for leading me in that direction.

    This is a most beautiful gun and deserves to be well treated, this holster does just that.
  4. Waltherfan01

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    I glad that Blade-Tech has worked out so well for you. I haven't had a need or a chance to order anything from them yet, but due to your recommendation, I will look into them when I have a need.