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Blade-Tech came in today

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I ordered a Blade-Tech UCH 5 weeks ago for my M9A1. I was extremely suprised that it came in 1 week before the expected date - quite contrary to other reports I've heard from Blade-Tech customers. The fit is good and the holster is comfortable, but I think I'm going to have to give a big thumbs down to the UCH for a few reasons:

First, while the quality is OK, it's definitely not on par with Comp-Tac products. Not even close. It holds the gun fine, but the pistol just doesn't seem as snug as one does in a Comp-Tac - it doesn't "click" in place and there seems to be a LITTLE bit more slop. I ordered the "tactical" finish, and it didn't come out nearly as good looking as comp-tac's finish.

Second, the single clip support system is definitely inferior to two - I figured that would be a problem, so I can't really hold that against the UCH. I would highly recommend a two clip rig to anyone looking to get a new holster.

Third, I ordered an S clip for mine, and when it arrived it was setup for the standard FBI cant. I prefer no cant, so I can reach the pistol equally well with both hands. When I attempted to setup the holster to remove the cant, the adjustment holes were not drilled anywhere near the correct position. I called Blade-Tech up and they are sending a new clip, but they told me that I would have to drill new holes myself - seems odd since they also sell the individual clips which I'm sure come predrilled. Sounds like someone messed up when they drilled the holes in the kydex.

For the time being, I just drilled a hole above the old ones to allow for zero cant. This raised the holster up slightly, which I find more comfortable than before. I can sit down now (I wear SOB usually) without the holster/pistol hitting the chair and pulling my pants unusually high.

Overall, I think things worked out OK - even though my clip was messed up, I will probably use my modified clip instead of the new one they are sending me.

Comp-Tac is definitely a superior product, and if I had to recommend a holster for any of my fellow M or MA1 owners, I would suggest the contact Comp-Tac and arrange for a "custom" holster to be made. I'm sure it would take longer than their typical next day shipping, but I'd bet dollars to donuts it would still beat Blade-Tech's 6-8 week estimated wait.

On the bright side, as of today, the M9A1 will serve as my normal CCW weapon of choice, replacing my USPc .45SS.
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Glad you got to get rid of your USP..... :lol: (mine is still in a box, till I get the manual to reassemble it)....
Thanks for the info on the Blade Tech vs Comp one but I'm not thrilled with it either.....doesn't feel close to the body and the customer service was a bid odd.......they questioned me on a simple piece of polymer belt attachment that they messed up and just couldn't send the damn thing to me...#$%^&* Yikes, its only plastic :!: probably cost more for them to ship it then its worth...... :roll:
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