Blackhawk retention holsters? Other brands? Questions...

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by steyrile, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. steyrile

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    Have been looking at Springfield XD's and came across a pretty nice holster with retention lever made by Blackhawk.

    Anyone have any experience with these holsters and specifically is there one available for the Steyr M-series guns?

    Suggestions on other brand retention holders similar to the Blackhawk?
    Pros and cons of this style system?
  2. odie072

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    CQC Serpa

    I had a Blackhawk CQC w/Serpa for my Glock 32. I carried this combo for a little over a year on duty, until I sold the Glock for a M-A1 9mm. I really liked the holster and had no complaints, but like any retention device you must train to become famailar with it.

    There was only 3 issues I heard about with this holster. The first was with the interchangeable paddle/belt attachment. Apparently the first screws (3) that were used to attach, used too small of a head and during retention training the holster could be detached from the attachment by force. My understanding is that it was fixed with different screws. The second issue was an AD by a deputy during drawing the weapon. The retention "button" is designed to be pushed with the index finger and is considered a natural action due to the finger lying flat outside of the trigger guard. The button is pushed with the first pad of the finger. Apparenty the deputy "curled" the index finger and pushed the button with the tip and when the weapon cleared the holster, the index finger was still curled and went into the trigger guard and made contact with the trigger. I never had a problem with that and I feel it can be overcome with proper training and technique. The third issue was during force on force training, in which a deputy was wrestling with a suspect on the ground. After the training concluded the deputy went to draw the weapon, but could not get the button to release. My understanding is they had to break the holster to get the weapon out and after inspecting the holster found a small piece of gravel had jammed the retention device.

    Suppossedly, there are some firearms training schools that won't allow them to be used. I never had any problems with mine and wouldn't hesitate to get another if they make one for the Steyr.

    Hope this answers part of your question :)


  3. steyrile

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    Thanks for the review Odie. You certainly know the ins and outs of this holster well.
    I really liked it the little bit of playing I did with the XD.
    E-mailed Blackhawk who replied today (Saturday!) and was informed they have NO PLANS to build SERPA holsters for our Steyrs.
    Kind of a bummer really... :cry:
    Oh well, life goes on.
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    maybe Biancci will make the carry lock holster for the A1. While not a custom holster it is fair.

    Gould and Goodrich is supposed to be be designing a duty holster for the MA1 that will be a level III retention :D

    I need one badly
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    Re: Blackhawk retention holsters? Other brands? Questions.

    If you are talking about the BH Serpa holster I can tell you it is one of the BEST holsters out there for retention and CC.I wear one every day with my G19.I checed with BH a they have no plans to make a holster for Steyr. RA ALL THE WAY