BigTaco's new IPSC speed rig Added the Quad Mag Carrier pics

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by luvmy40, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. luvmy40

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    BigTaco and I got together today to make a speed holster for IPSC competition. This was a challenging project and I think we are both very happy with the results!

    As you can see, You have a full shooting grip before the draw. The draw is super smooth yet the retention is excellent (and adjustable). The centerline of the slide is 2" away from the belt which places the inside distance to the slide well within the 50mm regulation and still leaves ample room for the thumb to clear on the draw.

    BT is going to try to get some video of the draw posted. I am anxious to see his review after his first competition with this new holster.

    Here is the Quad Mag Carrier that I finally came up with to go with the speed rig.
    I didn't have 4 steyr mags for the pic. Maybe BT will take some pics and post them later.
  2. majette

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    can this be done with a belt clip instead of the slide? how much for one in this and/or clip configuration for a M9-A1?

  3. bigtaco

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    the biggest problem with this holster is that my friend "borrowed" it from me.

    he liked it so much i'm not sure i'll get it back unless i forcefully remove it from his belt.

    i can't give it a competition run for a few more weeks. but he's planning on using it til then.
  4. Shooter

    Shooter Premium Member

    Another nice job 40. I've been collecting materials to start experimenting myself. How did you connect the belt attachment to the holster?
  5. Wulf

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    Dayam, BT :shock:

    You marvelous muthafukuh!!! :p Ya done it again, Bro!!! :p

    Wulf <-- bowin' in awe before THE GREAT AND POWERFUL BIGTACO
  6. mugdava

    mugdava Premium Member

    Most impressive! When does production start?
  7. bigtaco

    bigtaco Active Member

    i'm telling you guys... this is the holster i was dreaming of.

    and luvmy40 made my dream a reality.

    we're VERY lucky to have someone willing to do completely custom, one off holster work for less than other companies charge for mass produced items.

    i'm a little biased being that i was in on the design process... but i don't think you'll find a better competition holster.

    after one draw luvmy40 said, "that's it!!! i'm making one for myself!!"

    when i took it to the range my steyr shooting pal said, "how much and how long to get one?"

    i haven't heard back from him since he's had a chance to try it out in competition and i haven't tried it in competition myself. but i'll let you guys know how it's going.

    wait til luvmy40 gets his dual and quad mag holsters ironed out. he's playing with three or four ideas and just needs to get the kinks out of the process before he starts selling them at a reasonable price.

    i can't wait to plunk down the cash to finish off my custom made competition rig. unfortunately for me... luvmy40 is somewhat of a perfectionist and is waiting until the mag holsters are perfect before letting them out.
  8. mrboma

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    I am on this list. Picked up the Desantis from CDNN for 17 bux and really dont like it. Rides very high and is alot more "bulky" than expected.
    Beautifull work luvmy40.