Big surprise when I opened the box

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    I got my M9 today, opened the box and got a big surprise! At first I thought the dealer had misassembled the gun because the barrel was sticking out half an inch like a Beretta 92. Ug-ly!
    Then, after reviewing the owner's manual, cycling the action and taking off the slide, I came to the conclusion that everything worked; it was just a long barrel. Checking the wrapper on the outside of the case, I noticed two "options" printed: Barrel length 115mm and 2 magazines 10 Rd. Oh, oh. This didn't look good. Had the importer unloaded some weird, target barrel on little 'ol unsuspecting me?
    Next I called the dealer, Reliable Gun in Vancouver. He said all the M9's he's seen have the long barrel. I said none of the pictures I'd seen had one.
    Anyway, the full story is that when the Canadian Government banned short barreled automatics (and all 25's and 32's) they set the minimum barrel length not at 4 inches, but 4.1 inches! Acrding to the dealer, this 1/10 inch difference eliminated 60% of the handguns on the market. OK, s**t! The importer had obviously gone them one better and added an extra 10mm just to be safe. I asked him to find if the importer could bring in a 105mm barrel and he said he'd check.
    If I can legally cut 10mm off the end of this sucker, that's now looking like a real possibility.
    Now that I've re-read the regulations for the tenth time, I realize the barrel length has to be 106mm because the regulation says a prohibited gun is one "with a barrel length of 105 mm (4.1 inches) or less", which makes 105mm illegal too! Sigh.
    Just talked to Reliable again. They've agreed to machine off 9mm from my barrel. Which will be a lot better. So now I'm sort of a happy camper.
    The standard length, which you guys have, is 102mm. So I'll just be 4mm longer.
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    That's wak, yo. :roll:

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    Raise the star spangled banner !!!!!!! what a mess! come south, just don't move to NJ, Cal, Mass........ :lol:
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    Got any pictures? Both in and out of the gun. I'd like to see that before you have it chopped...

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    Definatly take a photo and upload it here. Deluxe247 can archive it as an oddity.

    Whenever any Guvm't changes the rules, the private sector will find a way to beat the system.

    When they banned pistol grip stocks here we got thumb hole stocks.

    when they banned new full capacity magazines, we got smaller pocket guns.
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    Hey, with that extra bit of barrel on the end, you could always get it threaded... that'd open up some interesting possibilities... or just make it ported...
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    That's if a threaded barrel is legal in his jurisdiction.

    Ditto on ports.
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    Back on the truck

    Sorry, I didn't take a picture before I wrapped it up and ran down to the Courier agent. If you want to visualize it, just imagine your barrel sticking out a good .51 inches (13MM) past where it ends now. When they finish cutting it, it will stick out .16 inches (4MM) further than yours.
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    Could you have had the end of the barrel threaded and put a suppressor on it?

    Dunno what the law is surrounding suppressors up there is.
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    hs anybody ever actually seen a M or M-A1 fitted with a suppressor? I've yet to see a picture/read of anybody strapping a can on the 'ol girl.
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    Silencers are prohibited, but flash suppressors appear to be legal because the regulation says they're not to be included in measure the length of a barrel. Still as ugly as sin if you ask me.
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    see I thought the law was 5" barell in Canada. I knew there was a special canadian steyr w/ a longer barell. That's why you guys get XD tacticals, and not XD service models.
    The laws are supposed to be to prevent concealed carry is what i read, but really when wearing a sub zero parka could't you conceal a desert eagle .50 anyway?