Big Bore M95 Rechamber: Is this a Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by barnbwt, Nov 12, 2012.

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    Good Day to you all here on the Steyr Forum,

    I've been looking into rechambering an M95 carbine I picked up recently. Fair-to-poor condition stock, no bluing (but no rust), nothing at all matching. Had a cracked bolt-sleeve when I got it that's been replaced. With all its idosyncracies, the carbine seems a perfect candidate for a project gun. Not many folks on the other forums I frequent seem very familiar with these rifles, other than that they don't shoot 8mm Mauser :wall:. I thought I might have a better shot here in case there's a guru/nut on these straight-pulls around ;)

    I've already got a couple K31's and an FN49 in 30-06, so I wanted to take this rifle in a different direction than a "main battle rifle" niche. The short barrel, light weight, and fast straight-pull action screamed for a guide gun application. It's even got a ladder sight already:). I've heard (not seen) of people doing this very conversion; I wanted to hear all your opinions on the prospect. I ran some numbers on heavy 45-70 loads to see if they increase bolt-thrust beyond the "original" 8x56R loading, and they appear nowhere near worrisome (like 1100lbs less, assuming no chamber friction).

    The 45-70 route also led me down this rabbit hole:
    I looked around to see if any other big bore cartridges would fit the action and stumbled across the 50 Alaskan... **groans abound**

    The 50AK is a .348Win case blown out to .51 inches. Not only does the thing fit the magwell and bolt face, the bolt-thrust for a "high-end" loading at 40,000psi gave a value 200lbs lower than 8x56R (SAAMI specs). I was suprised, too :) If I could calculate what if any effect case friction may have on the numbers, I could say confidently whether this cartridge should theoretically be safe in the M95. If anyone knows a way to estimate this, it would be very helpful.

    I have no need for a 50AK. But I realize I also have no need for a 45-70 or even 8x56R. The question I ask is if such a round in a ~7lb rifle (maybe a tad heavier with a short .50 barrel) would even be usable. After brass and moulds are bought, both rounds cost about the same to load, and I'd only be shooting handfulls of either at any rate. A 45-70 Steyr M95 guide gun is a good concept for sure; but a 50 AK would definitely be a unique critter. Could it be done?


    PS- I'm aware that none of these fit the Mannlicher clips; I'd have to come up with another retaining method no matter which cartridge I settle on (detachable box-mag, anyone?)
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    All I can say is this gun is a bruiser in 8x56 and cant really imagine going bigger. Then again if you are going to go compensator and a new rubber padded stock it might be worth it. What use do you have for the original stock especially if you are going to have to figure out a magazine solution

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    Are you a member of the Weapons Guild? A lot of people over there that could contribute to your quest. Warning, your wallet may suffer immediate deflation after you see all of the builds those guys have done. You'll be buying a lot more tooling in the near future...