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Best Subcompact 40 Cal Available--10MM Excluded

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Howdy All :)

I was just hoping to solicit some ideas for the best semiauto hicapacity 40 Cal subcompact plastic 3"-ish barreled pistol based on some personal experiences from Steyrclub members. I'm not interested in hearing about some exotic pistol unavailable to the average consumer. The XD looks kinda promisin', at least til the S40-A1 is released. Personally, I don't have any experience with pistols in the subcompact genre. <shrug> I expect that there will be some pro-Glock members that may have had some personal experiences with the G 27 that may wish to contribute. I'd love to hear from the P99C people out there who've had their hands on one and have been fortunate enough to let 'er rip. Oh and Smith & Wesson has their version, the SW990OL I do have a P99 Titanium 40 S&W, and I'm kinda leaning in the P99C direction, but I was hoping to broaden my database along the lines of something in a 3" barrel and maybe a 10 round capacity. I'd like to stay away from the 9MM's, hoping to find something with a bit more wollop in such a short barrel. I'm not interested in hearing from the 45 ACP/45 GAP, know who you are. I'm saving that genre for another topic down the line when I can find a custom bbl maker to turn my S40-A1 into an S45GAP-A1. I'm already exploring that option. ;) Back to the subcompact 40's. The H&K2K may be a contender, though I doubt I'll be able to foot the bill. Quite honestly, I've never had an HK that actually fit my hand comfortably, though they do shoot pretty well. OK then.... Who wants to be first? I'd love for someone to offer any personal experience with firearms that fill the bill for this quest for the best 3"-ish barreled subcompact 40 S&W 9 or 10 round mag cap'd plastic pistol available to Mr. John Public. Anyone? Thanx for your attention. Hava great weekend.

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no longer have the XD... nuff said.. to much recoil/kick found it not very accurate by comparison to the s40.

ps... the previous two photos were before i polished up the S40.. :)
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Hiya Ripped :)

Thanx for jumpin' in like that. Did the XD fare any better with the extended mag? Thought maybe the extra wt from more ammo might make it a little milder on the recoil side o' life. How was the trigger? How bout the grip feel? The S40 had less muzzle flip, I take it. I really miss a range and store combo in Houston, TX that I used to frequent. I could go there and choose a pistol and give 'er a go. There was a guy there back in the late 70's, Michael Thorton, I believe. Anyway, it was a great thrill havin' that kind of levity, sort through 30 or 40 different pistols, walk out back and give 'er a go. <sigh>...the good ol' days. Nothin' like that around these parts o' Colorado. Oh and thanx for postin' the pix. That always helps bring it all together. Hava great weekend. Anyone else?....

One of my shooting buddies has a .40 SW99C which is pretty much the exact same as the P99C. That gun is absolutely the worst handgun I have ever shot in my life. It is too small to get a good grip on, even with the extended mag plate. There is way too much recoil - perceived recoil and muzzle flip is way worse than my USPc .45 and makes my Mauser M2 .40 feel like a 9mm. I'm not sure if the quality is any different in the Walther make (I doubt it), but the thing is incapable of shooting 20 straight rounds without stove piping. It very well could be that the design of the pistol lends itself to limp wristing, but I've seen 4 different people shoot it several times (myself and the owner included), and the thing fails consistently for all of us.

Bottom line - I think anything but the P99C would be OK. I seriously wouldn't wish that gun on anyone (unless they were going to be shooting it at me).

But of course, it is possible that my experiences are not the norm, but hey - all I can offer is my own personal experience.

I vote for the P2000 - I really want one, too, but cannot foot the bill.

Good luck, in any case :)
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Stovepipin' P99C

Hiya Syntax :)

Thanx for postin'. Hey, I'd consider negotiating with your friend for the SW99C, if he's interested. Hmm...a piece o' sh*t like that oughtta sell for $100 bill, IMHO. :roll: Got one right here! ( Wulf -- hands over a $100 for a piece o' sh*t SW99C to Syntax's shootin' buddy) 8) Actually, I went shooting yesterday tryin' to dial in my Springfield Champ LW that I just got back from the gunsmiths. I had a set of Steyr Triangular Trapezoid sights installed. Points like a dream but I'm all over the target. By contrast, I'm lovin' the just keeps on gettin' more accurate the more I become accustomed to it. And, I'm dialin' in some new Sierra 125 GR JHC loads (.357 dia bullets) and.... Sorry. <shrug> Sometimes I just get carried away. My point is, if the M357-A1 shoots this well, I can't wait to get my hands on an S40-A1. I doubt that there'll be much point in goin' the S357-A1 route with a 3" barrel. I'm thinking the 40 cal will have a slight advantage with a heavier bullet at velocities usually associated with 3" bbls. Thanx for your post, Syntax. Hava great weekend. Next?

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Syntax360 wrote:
"...perceived recoil and muzzle flip is way worse than my USPc .45 and makes my Mauser M2 .40 feel like a 9mm."
The Mauser always has struck me as somewhat Steyr-like. How is the Mauser?

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