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I like to make another suggestion. Without knowing OP’s use for his/her scout, this is what I think.
1 this is a 308. I would skip red dot because it would limit the rifle’s effectiveness down to 100 yd. anything over 100 yd, it would be more or less crap shoot imho. With 800y yd capability of scout, red dot will be a limiting factor.
2 Most of red dot are min of 2 moa dot size. Give and take the shooter will add another 1 moa with bipod or 2-3 moa without support, you are looking at 3 moa min with red dot. Not too good if you are hunting.
3 1-3x variable is an ok option. That will get me out to about 150 yd with bipod. I have fine that I need 2x magnification per 100 yd of distance to get under 1 moa on my better rifles from bench. Some shooter can do 1x per 100 yd. also, I prefer FFP vs SFP of OP’s choice.

So, I prob will go with an 1-4x min because the price difference is not too much within his brand of choice. With another $100, I would prefer 1-6x to better utilize the 308 scout’s capability. Most likely 1-4x can use your current 1” mount/ring. Going w 1-6x will prob need to use 30mm mount/ring.
Don’t have to stay with a brand, any major brand will work. Even Cabelas house brand is a good deal too. Used one can be a good option too.
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