Best reading for tactics and training?

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by Guest, Mar 24, 2005.

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    What are your favorite books for improving your tactics or training?

    I currently have the following books, either in hand or on order:
    Tactical Pistol Marksmanship by Gabe Suarez
    Surgical Speed Shooting by Andy Stanford
    Combat Handgunnery, 4th Edition by Chuck Taylor
    In the Gravest Extreme by Masad Ayoob

    Any other recommendations?

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    In the Gravest Extreme is like the CCW bible. I also read Everything you need to know about carrying a pistol in MN every other month or so. I will have to check out the other books you have listed they sound really good.

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    The Combat Handgunnery is the older was recommended because Taylor edited it. The newer version is done by Ayoob. It's a fairly solid text that covers weapon selection, some tactics, etc. Nice refrence to go back and refresh some of the things I learned in my handgun class.

    I like Gabe Suarez's writing style -- very straight forward. I've just started reading it (3rd or 4th chapter) -- review to follow.

    Surgical Speed Shooting just came will be third on my list after Suarez and Ayoob.
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    Just received "In the gravest extreme" ... hope its good ... I just finished reading Bill Jordan's "No Second Place Winner" and I think its a great book from one of the great lawmen of modern times. Every revolver owner (I am now one!) should have it in their library. Heard good things about your other books as well, especial Surgical Speed Shooting. We need to get togetber to shoot again soon! 8)