Best low cost guns you own?

Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by Syntax360, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Syntax360

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    Alright - M's and M-A1's aside, I'm curious to see what other relatively low-cost guns you guys have that you are really impressed with. I guess we're talking $400 or less here. For me, it would have to be my .40 sigarms Mauser M2 - that thing is a tank and never fails. I shoot better with it than just about every other gun I own. Anyone else have a favorite cheapy?
  2. steyrile

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    EAA Witness steel frame 45. Have 45, 9 and 22lr slides and put thousands of rounds through it without a problem. Super accurate but lots of muzzle flip compared to the M9. I've been through several handguns and it is hard to imagine ever selling it. Xlnt value for the $$.

  3. hihoslva

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    My wife has a Firestorm (Bersa Thunder) .380 that's a great shooter, and only cost about $225. I wouldn't hesitate to add more Firestorm/Bersa pistols to our collection.

    She's also got a Taurus 905ss - 9mm stainless snubby revolver. Nice little piece, and suprisingly accurate for a 2" barrel. That one set us back a little over $300.
  4. Syntax360

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    That's interesting - I've been looking at the Bersa Thunder .380's lately. In fact, I went to the last gunshow with every intention of buying one, but after handling a Walther PPK, I was torn and walked away with nothing. Perhaps I'll have to take a second look at them.
  5. madecov

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    Anythin Astra or Star.
  6. TheGuyver

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    My BlackWidow in .17HMR is very impressive. It kicks like a .38, eh... maybe a .380, and is loud as hell, probably because of the short barrel. Even with the crappy sights, I could put 6" groups together at 20 yards. That's fantastic, being that this is really a belly gun. At 5 yards, the average distance at which this gun will probably be used, if ever needed, I could pull off .5" groups. ( average group size was 1")

    $240 w/2 boxes of ammo, out the door.

    I love shooting this pistol!!!
  7. MoonDog

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    My Ruger P-97 DC .45 ACP was only around $300, w/ 2 clips & speedloader & fairly nice plastic formed case (not padded).
    This is in second place behind my Steyr M9 in my favorites, but it's a close second! Lot of muzzle flip cause the barrel is so high, but you get used to it, and eventually like it, so long as your not shooting over 500 rounds a sitting. 8-O
    Ruger makes a lot of nice guns that are fairly priced.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The best low price firearm I have purchased to date is a russian Makarov in 380. It's construction was based on the walther setup, and I have found it to be extremely reliable. I have never had a misfire or loading problem of any kind. With a cost of $120, (four years ago) it would be hard for me to imagine making a more reliable purchase for such a low price.
  9. bigtaco

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    i feel this was geared to handguns but i have to plug the mosin-nagant rifles. i paid 60 bucks for an m-44, 50 more for a sporter stock and spent less than 100 dollars for @1100 rounds of surplus ammo.

    it's NOTHING to look at. the shiv, i mean bayonet, looks well worn. kinda gross i know!

    but it SHOOTS. seriously. iron sights and a terrible trigger. it will put up three shot groups in the 2"range. i was blasting at 200yards just for fun and ended up hitting the 14"by 14" target every shot with every third shot a certifiable dead whatever.

    truly impressive for the price. i spent way more on the scope for my "real" rifle.
  10. FightDesigner

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    I'd be happy to hear about cheap rifles too!

    Been wanting to get my first long gun sometime in the next year or so, but money is tight... thinking something like an SKS- decent all-around gun, lots of custom options, and fairly cheap ammo. Seems even with SKSs there's lots of options, though.
  11. penguin

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    I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but it's done me no wrong. I've got a Hi-Point 995 with laser and red-dot and it's VERY accurate at 50 yards (haven't been able to test it on an outdoor range, but this really isn't a hunting rifle anyway). It feels cheap but is very sturdy. Never hangs and has a lifetime warranty. So far, the only fault is that it has a small mag (10 rounds). I'll get a pic of mine, but this is basically it, sans the red-dot:

  12. I am a huge fan of upper receivers and have one for my Mforgery. They are chrome lined and have 1:9 twist with very quality parts and teflon mil-spec finish and you can't beat the price. I also like Stag Lowers as they are in mind the best lowers you can buy for the money.
  13. Wulf

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    Best bang for my buck, M357A-1 not included is a Walther P22 with a 3.4" bbl. I picked it up for $200. Awesome little DA/SA shooter. A shootin' buddy and I made up a little game shootin' Carona bottlecaps at 15 yrds... secret is to sight it in so the front sight dot covers the bottlecap. Great fun! ;)

  14. ScottW

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    All the pistols I own are low cost, and they're all good. Steyr M9, Bulgarian Makarov, Ruger Mk II, none of them cost more than $300. We all know about Steyr, but the Mak is a smoking value gun. Even though they've gone up a bit in price lately, $200 for a Bulgy in decent shape is a good buy.

    I'm looking at another bang-for-buck purchase... Rock Island 1911 for around $300. Owners' comments have been overwhelmingly positive. For my first 1911 I want a full size model with a basic mil-spec design. If there's something I wind up not liking about it, I can change it and not worry about screwing up an expensive gun. But I hear they're pretty reliable and accurate out of the box.
  15. DKHAN

    DKHAN Guest

    Low cost

    I have had a C&R for 10 years now and all of my collection came in under 300$. Granted now I could not get most of them for that price but I will throw in a couple more recent :

    Charter Arms 44spl (loves silvertips) $235
    Beretta 92D (was my old duty gun) $250
    Beretta 96D (made in Italy) $230
    Helwan 9mm (eats everything) $188
    Steyr M40 $288 + s/h and transfer/mags

    Two best deals of all time :
    B/M 1911 $89 +s/h
    Hakim 8mm $200 all matching#'s

    Best pocket gun:
    Intratec CAT45 (flying ashtrays at arms reach = priceless) :wink:
  16. jnclement

    jnclement Guest

    Favorite cheap pistol? - Star BM 9mm - $155. Carry it all the time.

    Favorite cheap rifle? - Stevens Model 200 - $199 on sale at Bass Pro. Sub MOA out of the box.

    As much as I dislike 1911s, I think there is a Rock Island in my future. Can't go too wrong at that price.

    Steyr M9 & M40 - $249
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Found a Hakim 8mm mauser in the local shop, hiding in the corner one day.
    The owner didn't even know what it was. I asked him what he wanted and he didn't know.
    So I offered him $180. hehe. That thing really can shoot. :D

    My Polish M44 for $39 isn't bad either. Or my 24/47 rifle for under $100 is nice, better than the M44 anyways.

    As far as handguns, my Bersa Thunder380 was cheap and has yet failed to fire. Not once in over 2000 rounds.
  18. revchuck

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    I've got at least a dozen S&W revolvers that make that price break. Smooth, and more accurate than almost anything that reciprocates.

    My sole bottomfeeder that makes that criterium is my CZ-75B. Great fit and accuracy, and almost as reliable as a S&W. ;)

    Then there's my 96/11 Schmidt-Rubin...1.5" at 100 yards with the issue sights and my handloads. I think I paid $80 for it 20 years ago.
  19. aubie515

    aubie515 Premium Member

    Bersa model 85...$120

    Bulgy Mak LNIB $120 with 4 mags

    CZ75B NIB, traded my Browning Buckmark which was under $300

    Russian IJ-70 Makarov SS 380 for $200

    Russian IJ-0 Makarov $200

    FNP40 NIB $350

    EAA Witness PS NIB $250

    S&W model 10 $190

    G23c $365

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Steyr M9 $300
    CZ 40B $240
    WASR-10 AK-47 $280