Best hand load for Steyr Elite 308

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by SicSemperTyrannisVA, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. SicSemperTyrannisVA

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    What is the best load that the Elite 308 likes to eat?
  2. Talyn

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    That's a really debatable questions, it depends on what your shooting at or what your looking to do.
    what kinda MOA your looking for.

    There are SOOO many ammo choices out there and sometimes guns, even of the same model, will like different ammo.

  3. SicSemperTyrannisVA

    SicSemperTyrannisVA New Member

    I would like to shot out to or over 300 yards. The longest range I have to shoot on is 300 yards so I will start there for now. At 100 yards I have used 174gr FA match bullet with 43gr of VARGET and Federal match brass. I prefer to load my own rounds for all my firearms and save a lot of money doing so. However I do have a bunch of Lake City match 308 which I am planning to try in my Steyr. What I am really looking for is what others find to shoot the best out of their rifles in regards to powder charge, bullet, and perhaps brass for handloads. I am a three time US National Champion and All American shooter in smallbore rifle. This is my first Bigbore precision rifle and my interest is shoot at long range with total accuracy.
  4. wollygong

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    I takes a bit of diligence to find the sweet load for a given rifle. Constant testing of different powders, loads, bullets, etc. and documenting these can get you rat-brained after a while. I have an SSG-04 and it took close to 6 months to find the sweet load for it. Once I got it dialed in, it shoots 10 shot 5/16" groups at 300 yds. consistently. The load is as follows:

    Brass: .308 Lapua Palma/Small Primer
    Primer: Federal F205M Small Rifle Match Primer
    Bullet: Berger 155gr. Hybrid Ogive Target Match
    Powder: Vihtavuori N540 Double Base Powder
    Charge: 46.0gr.
    Speed: 2821 fps.
    Pressure: 59048 psi
    Bullet Seating: .020" off lands

    This round is pushing the envelope but my SSG04 can handle it without any signs of over-pressure. The accuracy is incredible.

  5. ETH77

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    Wow! Just Wow! Good shooting!

    I'm in Spring, good to see a neighbor do well.
  6. skunkkiller

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    My experience is that each gun will like it's own recipe but ETH77 has provided a good starting point for you. I like the Vihtavuori N150 and N550 powders and the Lapua Scenar 155 grain's for my .308's. I get the concept of the hybrid's but personally I just think they're and answer to a problem that doesn't exist. As long as you know to jump them a bit, there's not a problem. If your loading with Lake City brass, I'd make sure to uniform the flash holes if I didn't do anything else.
  7. swamphunter

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    The Steyr .308s are not as picky as some other rifles. They usually shoot all standard loads well.

    300 yards is short enough to not make much difference between 150 grains and 165, 168, 175.
    So start with a standard load for a 150-gr bullet at 2.800 inches, with 42.0 grains of RL-15 or Varget and work up towards 44.0 grains