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Beretta PX4 Storm

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Well, went to another gun yesterday and to one PX4 was there. Is this gun so hot one can keep them or is so ordinary there is no interest? I did see one at a Bass Pro SHop so they are real.
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I have seen quite a few of them and even shot 2 PX4's. I am waiting to see if they are true to their word in bringing out a Compact in the beginning of 2007 before I commit to one. If you don't mind a LNIB or slightly used one and at times even NIB they can be found at times in the classifieds on
I know this is an old thread, but for those who may be interested (but not watching for them) the Compact PX4 is on it's way, should be released by April/May of this year. One thing to note though, it will not have the rotating barrel like the fullsize does. There are pictures and more info on:
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Mini Problem Decision

I´m making a revival for this topic because I´m in a "problem" with my PX4...
I buy a Beretta PX4 Storm so as to use it with me, and for practical shooting.. and then I buy another magazine for practical..
then, the other month I buy my Steyr S9-A1 because I love it when i saw it and my PX4 was too big so as too carry it..

Now.. I only use my Steyr because I like it more how it shoot´s, and I think I´m better with it... and the problem is that is too small for practical shooting..

I don´t know if the problem is that i have to practice more with my Beretta or the other thing is to sold it, and buy a Steyr M9-A1...

I really want to listen to you, what will U do if you where me, and so as to make a good decision

my S9-A1 and PX4, Marc M9-A1

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If you get the M9 you will have a primary and backup where the backup can use the primary's mags. And you will have one manual of arms for both guns.
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