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Most times I'll shoot at between 20 and 30 yds. One crazy lungshot pig ran out to 70 plus yards and my buddy's .45 was only good for plowing dirt at that distance (we didn't bring a carbine for back up that time). My M40 reached out to him TWICE! I just put it a little high and the first longshot was another lung...the second hit the spine. No round recovery sadly...all TnT's. Behind the ear I'm looking for a base of the spine shot. This way I should get at least some interruption of motor function. I don't like, or shall I say I won't chase a pissed off pig into the thicket in the dark (which is when our Texas pigs move) and I don't shoot things just so they run off and eventually cease to exist (they're tasty). I like the challenge of pistol hunting and just want a quick clean kill with a manageable weapon when tearing through the rough trails on the ranch in a pick up at night. -Longshot
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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