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Begginer's competition handgun course at East Orange

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For all Floridians w/in driving distance of Orlando...

EOSS is cancelling all their sanctioned matches and practice nights for july as dick (the owner) will be out of town for most of the month.

For three nights however he will be conducting a begginer's competition handgun course. Mrs and I are already signed up.

The class is limited to ten people (don't know how many are already signed up) and will be on the evenings of 7/21,25,28 for two hours each. That is a Thurs, Mon and Thurs (mon and thurs are normally their "practical" nights).

This course will I'm guessing be for ICORE, IDPA, and IPSC shooters equally as i know he runs sanctioned matches for all three disciplines.

Course cost is $60 each person (that's about $10 per hour of instruction!)

I know in the Florida IDPA state match two months ago 6 of the 7 people fom team east orange medaled so I'm really expecting to get some good results in my scores from this class.

Contact EOSS for details about the course here....

This would be great for anyone in the area thinking of trying out the sport or even anyone who's been doing for only a little while (like me).

And Dick himself has been incredible at helping my wife and getting her going in the sport (or at least practice sessions).

I would love to see the class w/ half steyrs 8O
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