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    In my last two trips to the range, I was surprised to see the front sight doesn't fill the rear sight as the logo shows. In my case, I see a space around the front sight if I keep the top of the front sight in line with the top of the back sight. If I try to fill the back sight with the front, the tip of the front sight rises well above the back sight. Humm. What am I supposed to be doing here? Is the tip of the front sight supposed to intersect the x on the target, or is it supposed to cover it?
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    You're not supposed to completely fill up the rear sight notch. What you're looking for is the top of the front sight even with the top of the rear sight, and equal amounts of daylight on each side of the front sight.

    Many practical competition shooters file down the sides of the front sight in order to give them more daylight to play with.

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    And the tip of the triangle should cover your target.
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    I find that putting the tip of the triangle on the X of a 25 yd target puts the group centered, and I can place 80-100% of my shots in the black at 20 yds. with a Weaver stance. For those of you who know- is this sufficient accuracy for IDPA?
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    Getting Better

    I went out to the range and tried shooting at 44 feet on a 12x18 card. The best set of ten had eight shots on the card, 3 in the third ring, one in the fourth, two in the fifth and two just outside the fifth. the inner three were four inches apart. I know, this is still pretty bad, but I did learn one thing; to use the middle part of my tri-focal glasses. When I used the distance part of my glasses, the shots mostly went low and to the right.
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    yes, quite suffecient. 80% of IDPA shots will be at under 10 yards, and half at 7 yards or less.