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    This question is regarding a new Taurus PT145 Pro barrel. At the 6 o'clock position at the very beginning of the rifling just outside the chamber, in a groove, there is a very slight indentation, at most paper thin, that runs lengthwise with the rifling, and is maybe 4mm long by 1mm wide. After that the rifling is fine for the remaining 78.55 mm (out of 82.55 mm). My thought is that the bullet will have the vast majority of the barrel rifling so the accuracy shouldn't be affected. After a an almost totally useless phone conversation with Taurus (they do not allow you to talk with a tech) I came away with only the assurance that function wouldn't be affected. I spoke with a gunsmith after that and he only saw a very, very small chance that accuracy would be affected.

    Any opinions as to whether this will affect accuracy? I know that I can send the gun back and will do so if necessary, but sending a gun back to Taurus is not something that anyone should do unless absolutely necessary.

    Note: I just looked in the barrel again and with some different light have determined that the entire groove from side to side for about 4 or 5 mm is slightly lower by about the thickness of a thin piece of paper or less. The transition to the regular groove level is smooth, or appears to be so. It looks like when they started the mandrel it went deeper for that short length and then straightened out to a normal depth. I suppose I'd be more concerned if this area wasn't right at the start of the rifling and was somehwere further down the barrel.