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    The pic is 298k. I'll link below. I plan to call Steyr monday morning. How much are IGB threaded barrels going for now-a-days?



    Well this was one seriously disappointing night. I own a M9A1 that I bought around September NIB. I've put probably a hair under 1000 rounds through it - almost exclusively WWB. I've tried a few of the high end defense loads (corbon, federal, winchester, remington), but I want to preface this whole thing by emphaticially stating that I have never ever shot any reloads in my life - only factory ammunition, period. Ever. So that said, I shot the M9A1 tonight, one round only. As usual, chambered a round via the magazine, took aim, and shot. Sure enough the target had one ragged hole in it. I then realized that the slide didn't move much during the shot and was slightly out of battery. Also, the casing had not ejected. I tried by hand and discovered the slide pratically locked in place. I removed the extractor in a similiar way described on the tutorials of this website and then attempted to do a normal tear down of the gun. She came apart, but it took some serious muscle. After getting her apart, I noticed the barrel was quite literally bulged about 1mm half an inch from the end of the barrel. I have absolutely no idea how this could have happened. I take EXCELLENT care of my weapons - always cleaning and lubing after use with MP7 and militec. I am absolutely amazed that this could happen to the barrel after ONE shot. There definitely wasn't anything inside the barrel prior to firing, as the slide was locked back prior to feeding her the magazine and I briefly remember glancing down and seeing the floor through the barrel.

    I will post pics of the damage as soon as I get my buddy to host them.

    So, long story short, I'm out a barrel and things that definitely did not cause it: use of reloaded ammunition, lack of maintence/lubrication, obstruction in the barrel. Anyone else have any ideas? Are Steyr barrels being made out of sheet metal lately or what?

    Needless to say, I'm quite disappointed. This will be the second time in a month I will have to call in the warranty (previous issue with mags). At least I still have my Sig and H&K on hand :(

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    double charged round?
    even w/ factory this can happen (though in most guns when it does you get a KB)

    I have personally witnessed a bulged barell in a steyr (actually it was an IGB barell in a M9). But that was definitely a squib round as it FTE'd and the the following round produced two holes on the target and one was keyholed.
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    Something definatly not right. probably with the ammo.

    I would contact both Steyr and the ammo manufacturer. This is an oddidty
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    I don't beleive you can get enough powder in a 9mm to bulge a barrel in a Steyr. I am betting on a pluged barrel.
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    I'm tellin ya - there was absolutely not anything stuffed in that barrel. And it was the first shot, so no squib round. I'm honestly at a loss here. Maybe Steyr can tell me what's up when they get the barrel.
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    Strange for sure. Let us know what Steyr says.
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    I shot roughly 20 of the plastic rounds after receiving them and cleaned the gun as usual afterwards. Can't say I've ever tried shooting a gun underwater, but I'm definitely curious why that came up? Haha. Thanks.