Barrel conversion kits?

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    I looked on the Steyr website and it appears that there is a conversion kit out there for the 9mm to the .40S&W. Does anyone know how much it runs? I picked up (ok, I will pick it up as soon as the 10 day period goes through and I'm back from vacation) a 9mm to round of my collection of different calibers (already had .45 and .40 in XD's and I wanted a fairly inexpensive range gun and alternate carry). Anyways for range I think I'd use the 9mm barrell but if I could convert it to .40 for carry that'd be great!
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    do you have a link to where it says that?

    I doubt you can go from 9mm to .40 without changing the while slide.

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    You are changing the whole slide. Look here at the kit. It's the whole slide and barrel and the barrel says .40 on it.
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    May I ask what was the price on that kit? On SteyrArms site in Cummings, GA it has accessaries, but the kit is not listed.

    I really wished they would list prices.
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    I talked to one of the head guys out in Georgia a couple of months ago about the conversion kits; 40 to 357; and he informed me that the kits were discontinued. He said for the price of the conversion you could almost buy the complete gun.
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    Better to get the 40SW and convert it to the 9MM. Not sure it'll work the other way 'round. IGB has the 9MM barrels for convertin' from the M40/M357's. Talk to Marc at MDW first.

    Marc Wagner
    207 583-6378

    Good luck with it.

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    40 to 9?

    Is converting down as easy as swapping barrels? Is the 40's spring too beefy to avoid a stovepipe if a 9 barrel were dropped in? Kinda curious....if that's the case tell me where I can find a new M9 barrel.

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    barrels dont interchange for 9 to 40sw/357sig

    you would need the 9mm slide. 9mm barrel is very poor fit in the 40/357 slide.

    IGB has conversion barrels.

    kits IIRC ran $200-$300

    dont know the spring weights for m9 and m40 mainspring
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    Conversion from 40 to 357 (conversely 357 to 40) should be a change of barrel only. I believe Steyr M/S A1 series are designed just like Sig 40's and 357. You simply switch barrels (in same model). Spring tension should come into play depending on ammo (if you reload - make sure it's strong enough to cycle the slide.) Although there are no after market barrels for Steyr M/S A1 being made locally (there is one made in Austria I think that was posted awhile back) that I know of , It's just a matter of time and we will see those local barrel maker's like Bar-Sto etc. will start making it. I hope there would be enough demand soon. Switching from a 9 to 40/357 is a whole lot different because of many factors notably ballistics and ammo size/shape - need to change mags, ejector, extractor, slide etc. and of course barrel - It's not practical.