Banks' Backdoor Gun Control

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    Next time you try to buy a gun online with a credit card, you might have a problem. Confederate Yankee gives the details of what one major credit-card processor is doing.

    A charitable explanation of this decision would be to state Citi Merchant Services and First Data Corp lawyers are grossly incompetent. Online retailers do not sell firearms to individuals, and to suggest otherwise is ignorant, if not duplicitous.

    Firearms "purchased" online are shipped from a distributor to a local Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder who has authority to sell firearms from the federal government. Once this FFL holder—typically retail establishments— receive the firearm, all individuals must complete a FBI NICS background check via Form 4473 and/or comply with state and local firearms regulations regarding retail firearms purchase. It is only after these background checks are satisfied that the local retail purchase actually occurs, face-to-face. There is never a direct sale from the online site to a non-FFL holding retail customer, as the termination notice incorrectly states, and does not in any way violate GCA '68.

    At worst, this is an attempt at backdoor gun control, preventing manufacturers from shipping firearms to distributors, and from distributors to retailers. In doing so, Citi Merchant Services and First Data Corp seem to assert that it is their responsibility to enforce laws, which is a patently absurd position. They are not the FBI nor the BATF, the two federal agencies tasked with enforcing these laws.

    The firearms industry, of course, can easily voice their displeasure with their wallets by changing to other credit card transaction processing services that actually employ lawyers capable of understanding the applicable law.

    I hope the company or companies that profit from this send Citi Merchant Services and First Data Corp lawyers a nice gift basket.[/quote:7hnovpqh]
    I googled around a bit trying to figure out which credit cards use this company, but couldn't find any specifics. Obviously it includes CitiBank credit cards and I found a mention of Discover, but none other by name. The company is a former subsidiary of American Express, but I didn't find anything that said Amex cards are included in this BS.

    Better have a backup card of two in hand the next time you order a gun online. :evil:
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    Danm Commies!!!!!!!!!

    :evil: :evil: :evil:

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    And Citi used to be my 2 favorite cards... I was going to get an M-A1 on one of them from CDNN, actually!

    ...time to give them a call and inform them I'll be moving to another card carrier if this continues... :v
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    I looked into this a bit further and I think the way it works is this card-processing company, though affilitated with CitiBank, is a company that businesses hire to process their cards. Therefore it is not specific credit cards it affects, but businesses who use their service.

    Since CDNN is specifically mentioned as representative of the online gun sellers, then this new policy only affects gun sellers and buyers from those businesses. And I'm sure they have competitors who CDNN and other like businesses can use instead to process credit cards.

    This is a clear case of ignorance or bias or both on behalf of the card-processing company, which has obviously decided they don't want to "dirty their hands" with "gun money."

    Unless CDNN wants to stop online gun sales, they will get another company to process their cards. I can't imagine they'll be willing to go out of the gun sales business because of this.

    It may cause a brief blip while gun dealers change services, but surely it won't end sales.

    If any Steyroids are more familiar with the way banking services work, please illuminate. :mrgreen:
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    I too will do some investigation. I paid off all my credit cards and started to cancel and cut up none useaged cards. Citi was one that offered me a really good rate. I will get soem information based on fact.

    1) Do they restrict gun sales due to legalities.
    2) Do they restrict due to corporate regulations.
    3) Do they prefer not to be involved with any type of gun sales.

    Anyone of these questions that are answered YES, I will cancel my card.

    It should not be the lending company to lend me money based on what I want to purchase. Their job is to lend me money based on my ability to pay back. I can take a cash advancement from them, get a certified check from my bank and buy what I want. What I do with my money is my business. Whether it is for Crack, whores or Bibles for China. It should not matter, as though I have the ability to pay the loan at the agreed price.

    If they state that they are "anyway" against the idea, they are gone. I have this little piece of plastic in my wallet that allows me to purchase what I want. We like to call it a debit card.

    If anyone feels that I am wrong, please let the forum know.

    Signed Concerned,
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    Here's some more info from National Shooting Sports Foundation
    Give them a call and what-for -- politely. :mrgreen: Wouldn't want us gun nuts to get a bad name. It ain't like we're a bunch of ignorant-of-the-law bankers going off half-cocked.
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    Well Shitzam Batman,

    Now after everyone's investigation, I'll pay off the dayum card and open back up one that doesn't oversee my legal purchase of a legal weapon.

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    facinating stuff: So say I was a smoker can they void CC transaction for cigarette purcahses cause statistically speaking you are way more likely to die from smoking than gunfire that goes for booze too! Also I tried to purcahse 369.00 steyr m40 from CDNN
    they where really helpful-unitl I told them I lived in New York (Upstate not the City)
    they said they cannot deliver firearms anywhere into New York- this is getting rediculous
    as I hold valid Pistol concealed carry permit and the gun was going to a FFL- anyway I got one for more of my hard earned form someone on gun broker- nice gun I have a Springfield Armory XD 9mm the Steyer and a Glock. I never really liked the glock I felt that there was a lot to improve(no not perfect) which happened with the Springfield and the Steyr M-series.
    I've also heard that CDNN is in Financial trouble anyone else heard anything?