bad lot of Hornady XTP 40sw 180gr

Discussion in 'Ammunition and Reloading' started by MrApathy, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. MrApathy

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    went to load a XTP 180gr for experimentation.

    first bullet I pull out is bad. didnt notice it at first tried loading it.
    the partitions opened up on seating and lead looked ugly.

    pull the bullet grab another notice its bad too.
    check the box all 100 of the same.

    ugly partititions with 1 in particular and the bottoms dont have the sharp corner for what I have come to love from Hornady.

    went through my XTP boxes and find another with same lot number open it and sure enough all are lousy. it could of been worse had 6 boxes each 100 bullets only 2 affected.

    called Hornady support and found it lacking. though they have a funny phone system.

    these shouldnt of passed quality controll except as seconds even then sold at a much reduced price.

    lot number 2050460

    avoid the lot number if you value your money and want a quality product.
  2. Shooter

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    :lol: I recall their "advertising" on their brass being soooo good.........hate to see what that stuff is like..........I hate getting bad stuff and worse poor customer support...... :x

  3. MrApathy

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    just received package from Hornady. got 2 boxes of 180gr XTP's. the partition are perfect the load hollowpoint is ugly lot of lead buildup in front of the partition some uneven but nothing else to complain about except maybe a spare box or two for my troubles instead the letter they included said they could not find anything wrong with the bullets I sent [​IMG] hello are they blind did they lose theyre eye for quality.[​IMG] tip of 1 partition on every bullet was screwed up crushed and easily noticeable didnt match up to rest of the partitions not even close and the partition folds were opening base of the bullets were more like winchester 180gr JHP's didnt have that stamped flat base and the edge was way more round than usual.

    overall unimpressed service with a slap to your face