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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by noblesavage, Nov 16, 2005.

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    Recently had a fluke expeience w/ some blazer brass ammo in the M9.

    I usally shoot once a week either my M9 or S40 generally 100 rounds per pistol if I take only one or 50 apiece if I take them both, sometimes a hundred through both if I have the time.
    Anyway, I had been doing a reliability test to see how long it would take between cleanings before encountering any problems w/ the functioning of the weapons. Both pistols performed just pefectly w/ about 750 rounds each without a cleaning between range sessions running either WWB or Blazer Brass.
    I decided to clean them before my next range outing since having dirty weapons was starting to annoy me.
    Took both pistols out and was shooting them alternately a mag apiece using Blazer Brass through each. My third ten round mag w/ the M9 I had two consecutive FTE's w/ the sixth and seventh round. The rest of the mag cycled properly. Shot 10 rounds through the S40. Insert a fresh mag into the M9 and the round would not chamber. Hand cycle that one out and the next round would not chamber. Tried a fresh mag and the round still wouldn't chamber. Took the pistol apart thinking something got screwed up after cleaning the pistol. Everything looked okay until I decided to check the barrel for a possible obstuction. Here's where the problem was.
    There was the top part of a spent shell casing lodged in the chamber. I had no luck in extracting it. Took the barrel out to the shop area of where I shoot and I was immediately asked if I was using handloads. No, factory loads; Blazer Brass to be exact. Was told that it may not be an unheard of occurance with a very hot handload (although rare), they had never seen a factory load do this.
    I had to leave the barrel with the shop to have their gunsmith extracate the shell casing.

    I've contacted CCI and they're willing to foot the bill for the repair. I'll assume they will replace the box of ammo also. From what I've been able to learn they are having some problems a couple of lots of their ammo. The shop/range where I shoot said that CCI recalled their stock. I happened to pick up this particular box at a local Walmart.

    For anyone that uses the Blazer ammo the lot # on the "defective" box that I have is - D14K25 - .

    I don't (and Wouldn't) use the Blazer Brass as the ammo for my carry weapon, but it would certainly suck if that type of an ammo related situation happened in a defensive situation.

    Oh, BTW, I picked up my M9 barrel this morning and did a weapon test to make sure all functioned properly. The M9 did just fine putting 50 rounds of Blazer Brass downrange (it was the only box of 9mm ammo they had in the shop at the time) although I see myself using more of the WWB for range-rounds in the future.

    Be safe. ....................................ns
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    wow, that sucks. i'm the biggest fan of blaser brass there is, mostly because i've never seen it screw up. i guess i was lucky that wally world was sold out of blaser on my last run and i'm sitting on 5 boxes of wwb. maybe they weren't "sold out", maybe they were all recalled.

    might be a teething cycle of increased production/decreased quality control. blaser very recently dropped to the same price as wwb. i'm sure they'll work it out. thanks for the heads up though. firing another 50 rounds immediately after the incident makes me a little less weary.

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    I'm picking up my new M9 today and purchased a box of blazer specifically because of the trouble I've heard of with the UMC, which I have a huge stockpile of at the moment.

    Guess I'll bring some of each and see how it goes. I'm really hoping mine will like the UMC because I have a lot of it already.
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    I ran a 250count box of UMC thru my S9 no problem.
  5. I am a HUGE fan of Blazer Brass because so far (knock on wood) my Steyr has loved it. In fact, Blazer Brass is all I use at the range .165 gr. FMJ and I've never had a FTF or FTE (knock on wood). Currently, I'm down to about 200 rounds of Blazer Brass and I was planning on buying some more (I like to keep 200 rounds of pistol ammo at all times).

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'm glad to hear that Blazer was willing to step-up to the plate and help you out by taking care of the bill.

    If anyone else has problems with Blazer or hears about problems with it please inform the Brotherhood here at Steyr Club.