Back to the range... and I got pissed!

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    got to that intersection today called time and money. went to wally world to get some ammo and in addition to the WWB they had some remington 115gr jhp UMC for 19.29/100rds. figured i would try it, so i got the lone box they had and 100 rds of WWB. also got some assorted .22 rounds for my P22. a co-worker met me at the range; he is just starting to shoot (in fact, his first time was when i shot my steyr a few weeks ago). i brought the P22 to get him started on an easier platform. low recoil, easy to manipulate controls and slide, etc.

    we start shooting and he gets comfortable with the P22. after about 100 rds of .22, i let him shoot the steyr. he is able to keep his shots within the 9 ring on a man sized target at 7 yds. now we have a few groups of people shooting in the lanes. at the far right, 3 guys with a wide variety of pistols. one owns them, one shoots pretty regularly, and one guy is new. he starts out on his buddies P22 as well. the new guy is doing okay, he keeps them all on the paper as they transition to a USP in .40. i ask how the USP is as i had never fired one and wanted to try one in 9mm. the owner says, here, try it. he loaded up 5 rounds and handed the gun and mag to me. shot pretty good, i had not fired a .40 in a while and was impressed with the gun but i did not like the torque of the .40. he then let me shoot his glock 34. pretty much the same result, surprised at how much more i liked the steyr; a lot less felt recoil and torque. i then let him shoot the steyr and he went "WOW! I LIKE THIS!" i explained about the slide mass and grip angle and he was impressed, said he would definitely consider one if he sees one for sale. he shot icepick too, though. (icepick is my term for poor shooting. imagine the target spinning like a top and you handed someone an icepick and told them to poke 10 holes in it after running from 10 feet away). i go back to my lane and my co-worker and i shoot some more.

    next two guys come in. late 30's/early 40's, tanned, in shorts and casual shirts, wearing deck shoes without socks. shooting a revolver and a springfield compact xd. these guys were all over the target at 7 yds, even worse at 15yds. after a box of ammo in the xd, the larger of the two guys bellows, YOU GOT A NICE ONE THERE. SHE"S A KEEPER. SHOOTS AS ACCURATE AS SHE WANTS TO! i thought, and she wants someone more accurate to shoot her than you, buddy. all the while my co-worker is shooting more accurate than these two. they leave and next come in the guys and dolls. shotgun, pistol and revolver. unimpressive, icepicking as i expected from all shooters in all calibers. not much to say except that if you are going to run a man sized target out to 25yds and shoot it with 12ga slugs, you should hit the target more than 1 out of 8 times!

    soon it is just me and my co worker once again, everyone else has left. i have about 20 rounds left, then THAT GUY comes in. expensive range bag, ear protection, and high tech shooting glasses. wearing his underarmor sleeveless muscle tee and khaki cargo shorts. pulls out the 1k sig target longslide .45. perfect stance, hold, firing motion is perfect. muzzle rises in a straight line and he settles it back down and fires again. guy shoots like a robot, every shot his motion is the same. and, at 7yds, his target looks like he is shooting a shotgun! shooting the small round target, two, three shots are in the blue, the rest are all over the place. he was about 8" accurate.

    now i get pissed. i have seen poor shooting all night and this guy comes in with his expensive sig and shoots worse than my co-worker who has only shot twice in his life, both times with me. i run my target out 7yds alongside his and shoot. i was not happy as i grouped about 5". i know it was eating him up, though. i then ran out another target and loudly told my co-worker, "Here's one for the road." five shots, 3rd shot was a called flyer:


    we then cleaned up our brass and left. outside i told my buddy i was pissed because of the bad shooting i saw tonight and the fact that the last guy was out there like a new 16yr old driver in a corvette. i see how people cant hit when it counts, bad habits and style over substance. if they shoot like this on the range, imagine what they will do under stress when SHTF. sheesh!

    as side note, i actually like the way this remington ammo shoots. sorry, for the long post, i just had to vent.

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    Good post/report. One thing worth mention - avoid UMC like the plague. It is overpriced and your pistol probably will not digest it well. It is probably the worst "known offender" in the good/bad/ugly ammo thread.

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    That was rapid fire right? (hence the flyer?) :p

    honestly, i doubt others were paying attention to you as much as you were paying attention to them....

    I show up with th $9 ear protection, a $5 gun case, $20 worth of reloaded ammo (about 500 rounds?), shorts, flip flops, hat, tucked in shirt, and home-made OWB kydex holster and parctice double taps from draw for USPSA competition.... i'm sure people look at me like i'm a moron, but i have fun, and its good practice for the draw to sight picture transition, and or point shooting. My shots are seperated by 6 - 8" sometimes, but i dont care as long as they're in the A hitbox on the USPSA target. Its the same amount of points, .5" apart, or 10" apart.
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    "then THAT GUY comes in. expensive range bag, ear protection, and high tech shooting glasses. wearing his underarmor sleeveless muscle tee and khaki cargo shorts. pulls out the 1k sig target longslide .45. perfect stance, hold, firing motion is perfect. muzzle rises in a straight line and he settles it back down and fires again. guy shoots like a robot"

    :eek: this is such a great story I actually used a smiley.

    But why this was so great is that this guy personfies the wrong way to acheive greatness at shooting(or in anything for that matter). He thinks the best equipment and the best stance and ammo and gun will make him the best shooter. WRONG!! The way Majette went about doing things is ,in my opinion, the the best, "Im going out to introduce my friend to shooting and were just goona B.S. shot some stuff and have a good time"
    and how did you do?preaty good if you can at least keep the lead on paper. I beleive a keypoint to ANY skill is being ready but relaxed, I cant thing a any sort of instance where tensing up real tight is a good manuver.

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    What's to be P.O.ed about? Even the yahoos realized your Steyr was better than their irons and their shooting may have proved it. :)
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    dont pay attention to hotheads much pay more attention to the gun pointing down range at all times when that slips then I get PO'ed.

    most guns are more accurate than the shooter. steyr with proper discipline and technique is a fine accurate weapon.
    wish I could shoot my S&W auto's with longer heavier triggers as good. then again I am out of practice and cant shoot my steyr as good as I used to.

    lots of people would rather handicap a gun than develop skill its easy. people these days are more about convenience.