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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by madecov, May 3, 2006.

  1. madecov

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    last week while shooting my M40A1 for recreation I had a few failures to extract.

    I cleaned the crap out of the gun and went back out today.
    Ammo was

    185 rounds of WWB and 40 rounds of Pro-Load

    After the first 36 rounds without an issues, I had 3 FTE's again. :twisted:

    2 of the faliures where with the WWB and one with the Pro-load.

    I then shot a few rounds through my M40. No failures at all. I ran both types of ammo using the same magazines through the M and had no problems. No cases bonking me on the head. Recoil even with the Pro-Load was light. fast double taps were a pleasure.

    Accuracy with both guns was more than acceptable. At 15 yds on an FBI shillouette point of aim and point of impact were the same, slow fire I was getting sub 2" groups. Rapid fire groups opened a bit but more than acceptable.

    I did speak with the folks at Steyr to discuss the issue. One thought was possibly the recoil spring being weak and not allowing proper in battery lock up. This was one I never considered though on reflection it makes some sense as the round may not be fully seated therefore the extractor may not have proper placement.

    My next step is going to be swapping a few parts. First I'll swap the extractor assemblies from the M over to the A1 and vice versa. Then shoot the guns and see if there is a problem. If there is still FTE's in the A1 I'll swap the recoil guide rod assemblies and go from there.

    More to come later.
  2. Shooter

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    i ran into the same problem with my glock that I was using a new conversion barrrel from 40 to 9mm. I changed the recoil, fixed the probelm immediately. No FTE since.......Hope that is the simple solution...

  3. Syntax360

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    Buy a new magazine. Seems like every time I have a FTF in almost any gun, the mag spring is to blame. Too bad Wolff doesn't make springs for all guns. I keep all my Wolff mags fully loaded all the time and they havn't failed yet.

    When i first got my M9A1, it would FTF or FTE all the friggin time. Turns out Steyr put 10 round springs in my 15 round mag. They swapped them out for me and apologized. I have had zero problems ever since.
  4. madecov

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    I have 8 magazines and it made no difference in the magazines. The A1 had the FTE while the M did not.
    The FTE occured with multiple different magazines

    In order to determine the cause and repair I will do the following

    1) swap out extractor assemblies between the M and A1 using the same recoil spring sets
    2) swap recoil spring sets, if the FTE occurs after extractor set swap.
    If the problem persistes I'll discuss further with Steyr.

    3) try the spring fix trick ( using a 1911 plunger spring cut to size and placed inside the extractor plunger spring).

    At this point in time the A1 is no longer being carried for duty use. On a brighter note, my Holster for the A1 from Blue line leather shipped today, however I am a bit remiss in carrying the A1 even off duty.
  5. madecov

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    M has around 700
    A1 has around 500

    Everything was going great until last week when I had the first 3 FTE's and then again this week.

    More testing in order before I decide anything. It is possible I used the same magazine each time. I will need to mark the magazine when it happens