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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DKHAN, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Went through a transitional period w/pistols. Now I am back in the Steyr fold. No pics yet,but I found a very early serial # M357 at a reasonable price. That is until I bought 6 mags and some ammo ! I b&m about the price of .40 but 357sig is right up there.
    Now I just have to complete the home rebuilding and I can get to the range... in about a month.

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    Welcome back Prodigal Son

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    Congrats DKHAN,

    You pulled a hat trick, coming up with the rarest of them all, the M357-A1, or is it an original M357? I've never seen a post on one of those and there seems to be only a large handful of M357-A1 owners in the club.

    If there's any possibility the source where you found yours has another, share with the club as I know there are members who've been searching in vain for a M357.

    Yes, ammo is high, but so is the enjoyment of shooting that "pocket rocket" round. I wouldn't trade mine for two of anything else. :mrgreen:
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    Original M357 w/safety. I found it on Gunbroker. I've been hunting for about a year now for one in the right price range. I've only seen two others for sale in that time and both went over $400. Mine was $437 OTD not including the extra mags I also purchased. FYI 10 round mags were $22 @ Joes Pawn Shop in Albertsville AL. I won one also on GB and they added extra for same shipping charge. Just got a box of 300 rounds f/Cabelas, $100 shipped. In about a month f/now when the house rebuild is finished I should get out to the range and report back on shooting.