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    Horrible, terrible, I want my money back!

    Ok, I loved the remake of "Dawn of the Dead," and I like the original "Night of the Living Dead," but hated "Day of the Dead" and have mixed feelings about the original "Dawn of the Dead".

    That said, I have to say that "Land of the Dead," was just about the worse movie I have ever seen. Here is why:

    1. NO PLOT, most movies have some kind of base story that helps explain why things are the way they are in a movie. Some calm before the storm so to speak and I thought this would be accomplished through a flash back type scene at the start of the movie, but I was wrong. Romero (Director/Producer/Creator) just plops ya into the middle of a world without any explanation throughout the entire movie of why the world is the way it is.

    2. NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, most movies have you learn something about the character's personality, background, motivation, etc., but pretty much all the characters are like furniture that move.

    3. LOW BUDGET ACTION SCENES, I can tolerate a lack of plot and a lack of character development if the action scenes are good, but these sucked. Explosions were overdone to the extreme, for instance, cars exploded like an A-bomb went off. Most weapons never ran out of ammo and the scripts (exploding powder packs to simulate gunshot wounds) were poorly done.

    All and all the only bright spot was that the movie features our friend the Steyr AUG, but again it never runs out of ammo which is a great feature I never knew they had. HAHA.

    SAVE YOUR MONEY...Don't see it in the theaters, rent it, and when it is out on DVD don't dare spend your money on it. If you don't take my advice don't say you were never warned.

    Safe Shooting.
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    Too late! I saw it yesterday....yes, it was kind of ho-hum.

    Like you, I hated "Day"; I really liked the "Dawn" remake, but I also like the original "Dawn" and loved the original "Night"....never saw the remake of the latter.

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    Dawn of the Dead was ok... Nothing suprising, some funny parts

    I LOVED Shawn of the Dead. Best zombie movie ever!!!

    You've got some red on you
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    I was a little disappointed with "Shawn of the Dead". Perhaps I was expecting too much after hearing really good things about it. My all time favorite zombie movie has to be "Army of Darkness".

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    I guess that Romero figured that by now most of the fan
    base is familiar with the basic premise of the series, and
    that it's not necessary to fill you in on the past. I liked all
    of the flicks mentioned except Day of the Dead. (Why
    didn't anyone mention After 28 Days?) Land wasn't the
    best of the bunch, but I didn't think it deserved such