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Maybe the recall has something to do with it, but why am I having trouble finding a Caracal? Centerfiresystems used to have them, same with Buds. Seems everyone is sold out. Does anyone know where I can pick one up online (besides Gunbroker's high prices)?

What's a good price to pay for a model F with standard sights?
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Yep, the recall.

I know an online dealer who has some in stock last time I looked. He's the owner over at the caracalforum. Id put the website, but I haven't read the rules in awhile and I don't want to break them. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out from the tidbits I gave you. Hope that helps?
I, also, am wondering about the status of Caracal availability. I decided back in April that I wanted one and had a local dealer order one for me. Backordered. Still backordered. It's now July and still backordered. Is Caracal importing into the USA at all at the moment?
I think their recall set them back - they've had hell getting guns in to replace those they already sold (Fs are taken care of, but warranty replacement Cs are still on backorder).

Which model are you trying to buy?
Caracal USA posted on their Facebook page last week that they got enough C's in to cover the recalled pistols and the leftovers will be sold through their distributor network. But, I'm guessing that'll take at least 4-6 weeks to get all the Cs replaced and then the new ones hitting the market. ....assuming everything goes as planned.
Thanks for that update!
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