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I am new to this forum and I live in Sweden. I am really itching to order an AUG Z A3, chambered in .223.

I serve in the military, and we get a modest ammunition allowance from the Armed Forces to train sport shooting as a benefit. However, these cartridges are 5.56 NATO.

I found an online manual for the AUG Z A3, albeit with the longer barrel, the one I am eyeing right now has a barrel of 16.4 inches. That manual states the following regarding chambering "5.56x45mm (.223 Remington) and a message below the technical information, as follows: "* All ammunition produced in accordance with international standards (incl. NATO) may be used. "

Maybe this is clear as can be, but I wish to be entirely safe. Does 5.56 run entirely safely in the .223 AUG Z A3?

Thanks in advance!

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556 is good to go. Most likely what you are seeing is the receiver or stock marked .223 separate from the barrel ehich may be marked 556 or 556x45. The reason this is done is many places do not like “military” calibers on civilian guns so it’s an import or marketing thing. Like the apc223 the barrel is marked 556 or some of the old Remingtons. The USA being a large civilian market also had an impact on guns sold or developed during the assault weapons ban of the 90s to move in this direction. So while I do not know about the actual guns sold in Sweden this is common in the USA. You can always call Steyr but I’m going to assume it’s good to go. So to illustrate this I posted a picture of my Aug with finger of serial number even though it probably doesn’t matter. On the receiver, it says . 223 where, on the barrel it says 556/.223 in the picture. I have only ever shot 556 through it.

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