Aug vs. other 5.56mm weapons.

Discussion in 'AUG, MSAR' started by ministerofdeath, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Just wondering how AUG really stacks up against the M-16/M-4 variants. If anyone has real world experience with both 5.56mm assault weapons I'd be happy to hear your personal opinion as to which one is the better SHTF weapon.
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    Used both extensively, and IMHO the AUG is superior in every way to the M16/M4. Modularity, user-friendliness, ease of maintenance, and AK47-esque reliability would make it my choice, hands down, over anything else, esp in 16" version. The only advantage I could think of that the M16 type would have over the AUG is the fact that M16 mags are much more readily available. BUT, now that there is the M16 conversion stock for the AUG.....the possibilities realy are endless.

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    Plus, with the bullpub config, the AUG with a 20" barrel will be shorter than its more conventional counterparts.

    I would agree that the AUG is a better SHTF long as the S doesn't HTF for too long...spare parts are hard to find. On the flip side, they are all modular and easily installed.

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    Since your asking for “opinions” here is mine.
    After doing some research on the Steyr, I traded my HK-93 for my Steyr. I shoot in 3-gun competition, and after using the Steyr, I also sold my Colt (pre-ban) H-bar, because I found that I “never” shot it again, after using the Steyr.

    Try climbing in and out of (simulated) vehicles, helicopters, etc. along with going around corners, and through doorways (when you HAVE to keep the muzzle pointed downrange) with any other rifle. Because of the compact design, along with ergonomics of the Steyr, it sure makes it hard to compete against. The barrel, being as long as any other rifle, gives it the accuracy needed to participate in (semi) long range shooting.

    The only drawbacks that I have with the Steyr, is the mag release button, which is kind of awkward to get to. (which can now be changed out, with the conversion stock, mentioned by cloak-n-carbine) Along with the trigger pull, which can be “tamed” with the help of a new company that makes the “Trigger Tamer”. Wish I could try one of those. :wink: