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Discussion in 'AUG, MSAR' started by blueiron, Aug 5, 2005.

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    Does anyone know of a supplier of AUG/USR parts? I have a USR but cannot find magazines and small parts at any kind of reasonable price. Thanks is advance for any info.
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    full shop is being set up in GA but ATM there is question as to who and where has current parts.

    read up in the "industry news" forum as this is a hot topic ATM.

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    Pete/Pjs Investments
    FFL/SOT Class 3
    704 947 0624 office
    704 668 7973 cell

    Pete is a great guy to work with. I purchased my USR and mags from him. I just ordered some SPP mags also. You can email him at:

    [email protected]

    I think his web page is temp. down.

    He has my endorsement.

    Robert MacCargar
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    First post here, but loooooooooong time Steyr owner.

    I'll second PJs as a very good source of AUG/USR parts. My own AUG/SA had been retired for some years due to the notorious light firing pin strike issue. A quick call netted me a A2 firing pin kit and some new magazines (can't have too many...especially for 30-odd bucks).

    Quick and reliable service. Until Steyr gets re-established in the US, he's easily the best game in town.
  6. Can you convert a pre-ban AUG or USR into an AUG A3?
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    Pete Athens of PJ's Steyr AUG ( is the absolute best! Not only is he THE man when it comes to guns and parts, but he is an awesome guy, and a dream to do business with.
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    I buy from Pete (PJS)
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    Pete @ PJ'S is a good honest guy ! I have bought many items from him. :D Jerod