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I have a few questions before I buy an Aug. I have been asking questions on a few different forums (not all of the websites are bullpup sites or even Aug sites) and I thought I would come here and ask a few things before I go and buy an Aug.

I am told to stick with the standard stock Aug over the NATO stock. I have a ton of AR mags that I have stocked up on over the years. Is the only advantage that I am getting with the standard stock the bolt release and being able to switch to a left hand bolt? I'm right handed so that isn't something that concerns me but might to a future buyer should I ever sell it.

If you own either the standard or NATO stock version, and you had it to do all over again, what one would you buy and why?

I am used to running my Tavor Sar and x95 like I would an AK. I take old mag out and run the charging handle. The NATO stock would keep inline what my muscle memory already has. I'm just trying to figure out why I should go standard over NATO.

Are the Aug factory mags thicker than a USGI AR-15 mag? My gear is set up for AR-15 mags and I typical run six mags plus one in rifle.

Also, where can I find some good pictures of the various colors offered? I want a black stock Aug but finding one right now in stock under 2K is proving difficult. I can find OD Green and Mud (Tan). I think OD Green has my attention more so than the Mud. I would like to find some good pics of the Aug in the wild and not a stock photo that is posed for a photo shoot.

Thanks everyone for the help and answers. If you have something more to offer than what I asked above, please feel free to post. Your knowledge of this rifle platform will help me and I am here to learn.
I heard the same as you — so I went Standard AUG due to the magazine problems and no bolt release on the NATO variant. Also, I found the standard version is typically about $100 less than the NATO version. The standard version I bought was $1838 vs. ~$1950’ish for the NATO. I spent the $100 I saved on 4 mags from Steyr.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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