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    Hi! I am new in this forum.
    Sorry for my English - it is not my mothers tongue. My native - Ukrainian language.
    So, gentlemens...
    - who can advice me - what accuracy has AUG? I had read that it is not nice becouse of heavy trigger.
    Is it correct? Heavy trigger can spoil the shooting and all afforts to make nice groups, and all advantages of long barrel, mechanism, bullets... etc., you know.
    Please let me know your experience. I am going to buy AUG. The rifle is not cheap, and I have to collect references!

    My reqyirements to the rifle are - sniping up to 150 - 200 m and participation in IPSC competitions. Do AUG respondes these requirements?

    Thank all of you in advance,
    Have a nice shooting!
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    Hello, I am also new to this forum and a new owner of a USR. The USR is the post band version of the AUG that only 3000ea were imported to the US before it was banned. The AUG/USR are very accurate rifles and is a good choice for what you want to do. The trigger comes with a military trigger pull of 9lbs which hurts the accuracy a little. You can reduce this trigger pull to 6lbs by installing what is called a "TRIGGER TAMER" for I believe $50 US dollars and is easy to install if you have any common sense. The web site is: I hope this helps you.

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    Intrinsically it is very accurate, maybe not sniper rifle quality, but at least as good as other 5.56mm semi-auto rifles out there. It's just the heavy trigger pull that makes it hard for a normal user to achieve best accuracy. This is a disadvantage of the bullpup design, as the trigger mechanism has to traverse a long receiver. But still it can be overcome with enough training. I found that with a bit of practice on mine I could get most of my shots within a 5" circle at 100 yards. The integral scope really helps a lot. :)